Sunday, May 24, 2009

I know I have to let go,

before the feelings get deeper.

You will never know how much you meant to me.
I really want you, but I know its not the time yet.



Its 7.27pm now, & I'm currently at Taipan Old Town now blogging, yumcha-ing with the Final Fantasy/Dragon Ball/Golden Retriever, Aaron & Kin.

Haha, they are like mumbling beside me because I repeated the same song again & again more than 5 times! (:

I've been real busy these days, I shall do a SHORT UPDATE now for my dear readers kay?
Love love loves!

I never heard of this magazine lor :(

I found this at Barcelona yesterday.

& I saw this page!

Knight Castle o9'

I spot us, Jiashin Myself & Sher (:

Nuffnang Music Bash too!
Its an event magazine I guess? Lol.


Cheong K, gossip session with Liyana the super hebat Anna Siew & my Little Snake, Jeslyn!

MOS at night, with tons of people.
Will elaborate soon in my next post.


Joshie's 18th big day!

My dear Hamtaro! (:

Celebrated at Sweet Delight, a very nice & comforatable place to chill.
Located at ss15.
Will show you more in my next post!

Poppy at night, FUN!!! :D


My sayang & Jia Shin!

Love'em sooo much!

Headed to MOS then BARCELONA -_____________-
I'll give you reasons for not going Barcelone in the next post, sigh!

I have super cute, adorable & kawaii friends! (:

Gtg now, assignments :(
Have to hand in the day after tomorrow!


If you wanna know anything about me,

Stop asking around & ASSUME things.

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