Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm giving you too much,

I'm taking back my love.

Its needless to say much at this moment,
because you already know exactly how I feel.


I wasted my WHOLE FUCKING DAY trying to update this piece of "shit".

I miss my readers, a lot a lot!
This is gonna be a super long post with TONS OF PICTURES.
Sorry if I lagged your computer? Oops!

Currently at Kin's with The Golden Retriever & Yin (:
Thanks to his superb connection, muacks! hehe*

I shall start with this YIN, MY BEST MATE! :D
(He was kinda emo before this because I left him out as my best mates in class, lol)

Cute, no?

Kin, Gel & Yin!
Love them more than anything, lol.

I've got a jap in my butt the previous night! :(

Thanks to the weather lar, that's why I say:
Drink More Water, kay? :)


You can actually find me at Asia Cafe, EVERYDAY.

I'm so into foos,

& pool (:

with Rachel, my Sifu (:

& Hui Sien dear.


As I mention at my previous post, this is a very nice place to chill.

Located right behind Taylors Business School, ss15.

The fabulous menu.

& the cute workers (:

simple & clean environment,

nice & comfortable deco's.

All time girl's fav: Choco fondue.

Recognize him? Haha.

Ice-cream waffle, you really wont wanna miss it!

Heart shape soy plate, awwww.

Premium dessert, RM4.50 for 2 choices.

Recommended by, Adele Chow (:

My fav, Loh Hon Guo dessert.

Sea coconut, with butterfly stir-thingy.

Some Sweet Delight moments:
Memorable ones, hehe.

You guys made us fall in love, so deeply.

My cutie Hamtaro Dear!

Forever so cute, since young!

Drama happens too, at sweet delight.

Still so loving, after all.

Kin & I (:

Konon-nye, LOVING! Hahahahah!!!!

Pure candid, with Tzia.

Another pure candid, by Melisa.

Miss & Mr A.C

I like this picture of him (:

We did the same expression without informing each other!
Lol, great mind thinks alike!


Some Sunway Pyramid moments with the same gang,

"Come la take picture!!"

"I take for you all lahh!"
Says Tzia.

They just made my everyday full of laughter.
Why didn't I met them earlier?

Mini Civic, konon-nye.

His real Macho car (:

The whole bunch were there with us due to our assignments.
Appreciate much, lol.

Act cute kaki. :p

Thanks for HELPING me yeah (:

Tzia's Dragon Ball was too tired, I guess?


Not forgetting my Cheong K moments with my beloved!
We shall do this more often aite? (:

Fuck You!
You know who you are, lol!

My lovely Little Snake & Super Hebat Anna!

Missy anna siew :p


Last but not least,
my clubbing moments the past weeks.

MOS, Coco Banana, Poppy.

On our way to Poppy.

Picky dear.

Sifu! Loves!

Golden Retriever also can swim one hou mou!! ;p

Sean C.
"Ehh gay porns, lol!"

Tan Jin Hsuen.

Topless people in Poppy.

Looks like someone brought his passport to Poppy? (:

MOS = plan failed.
Barcelona it was after that.

I miss my sayang soo bloody much!

We are still the besties, muacks!

Sayang always look good in whatever hairstyle (:

It was suppose to be my SOLO picture, lol.

Jiaaa & Melisa.

On our way to MOS, then Coco Banana.

Loupo? There she is.

BFF for life.

Sien & Melisa.

Yin Ling, Coco B.

Wai Chew.

Melody babe!

Jiaaaa Hui, at Mel's.

I'm really sorry for the late updates yeah people! :(

Will promise to update more often from now on,

The best is always at the last.

I can't believe I'm reacting like this,
do you really understand me?

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