Saturday, April 05, 2008

jealousy kills you.

Tell me they DONT LOOK ALIKE.


I realise that i did not really do tags nowadays. I'm just lazy HAHA
When i feel like doing it, i will aite?


Went Pyramid ytd night.
Watched the Ah Long movie. Very funny show :D

For those who watched this movie,
did you notice the girl that wanna revenge to the gangster is from Catholic High School!
Her name is Koe Yeet. OMG. I wonder how she made it to that movie?

Tell me do you knew it was her. (to all CHS peeps)


Anyway, to those who still dont know, FOREVER 21 IS OFFICIALLY OPEN in Sunway Pyramid!
I went in ytd but. Did not notice any nice dresses. I hope its my eyes prob! =/
I need more dresses! Anyone knows where to get nice dresses?

Result came out.
I'm so not satisfied with my marks, & i think i shall keep it to myself.

Should i change my blog link?

I need more feedbacks. :)


Interact IU is just around the corner.


Lets count down together !


i rather stay inside my dreams.

p/s : i bought Jiashin her bday present already! :) I really hope she'll like it.

keep an eye on me.

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