Tuesday, July 15, 2014

150714 // Happy 23rd Birthday to myself!

I woke up with so many text msgs wishing me a very happy birthday. Honestly I'm so happy and glad that in my life I have people that truly love and care about me. To be frank, I didn't end my night pretty well on Sunday - my surprise party night. (Well ill come to my surprise party later) In fact, I was kinda in a bad shape. But I really thank God for placing these people in my life, good or bad, I learned them all.

As I grew a year older, I'm really glad that I have a healthy body, a loving yet strict family, great and wonderful friends and also sufficient income every month. Most importantly, I'm happy that I have dreams and visions for my future. They say, the most sad part about people is when they lose hope. I'm thankful for my ability of trusting and H O P I N G.

Another year has past, so many things happened but I never regretted a single bit.  I believe life has a way of teaching us lessons and I'm truly thankful for that.  I chose to write on this blog because one day, I will look back on all my birthday posts, and realized how much I've changed, hopefully grown. :)

In life, its not about how many people you met, or how many great things you've done, but it is the impact you have left in each other's lives.  I am still constantly trying to learn, to cope with this cruel reality, at the same time constantly remind myself the reason I am born to this earth - which is to maximize my God given talent to help, influence and change others.  No one is ever born useless, we are all special in our own way. Birthday is such a great reminder to ask yourself, it has been a great 23 years, what have you done on this earth that impacted others?  What have you been doing, have you been loving enough? Caring enough? Appreciating enough?  This are the things I constantly ask myself.

I thank my mother for suffering 9 months to give birth to me;
I thank my father, for providing to me all these years;
I thank my popo, for being the pillar of my life all along;
I thank my brother, for being in my life, because I know one day we both will need each other when my parents are gone.

Birthday used to mean so much to me, celebrating, parties, presents. But now I don't know whether it's the age kicking in, or... ?  All I care and want is just truthful people around me. I don't need fancy parties, all I want is just a sincere heart. :')

I have so many blogpost to blog about my celebrations, just want to thank these great bunch for buying me a cake for me after what happened to my cake on Sunday night.  It's really the thought that counts, not the amount of people or money.

Just a short recap: I went to Zouk on Fri, 11/7; followed by surprise dinner on Sun 13/7; and today I'm gonna enjoy my birthday to the fullest since it is a public holiday in KL too hahaha.

Stay tuned for my full blogpost!

Till then,


lai quan said...

1st of all be-lated happy birthday to you ermm.. Adele! I love rolling in the deep.. lol j/k =P

I wish you a joyous 23 filled with love, wellness & prosperity =) actually mine is on 18th~ so sama2 Cancerian laa hehe =)

everything you said up there was really inspiring... =) thumbs up!

p/s: actually I bumped in here while googling about filler nose job in Malaysia (wanted to 'fix' my nose for long time liao but afraid of surgery-screwup/something lol @_@)

so thanks very much for sharing your experience & useful infos about it! =)

& ermm lastly I feel you look kinda familiar, like I've seen you somewhere before, hahaha @_@ lol

Adele Chow said...

@Lai Quan - hello there :) thanks for the birthday wish! and yes you should go and consult them in Me Clinic, then only decide.

Haha, maybe I have a common face? hahahahah

laiquan said...

@Adele Chow: lol no I'm serious o_o I'm quite sure I've seen you before but can't remember where lol...

ahh nevermind...

or may be you are just pretty like Korean celebrity so I got confused with K-Pop star liao hahaha =P ;)

Adele Chow said...

@Lai Quan: Omg that's so sweet of you! Haha I'm not la my pictures all bluff one. If you want to go to Me Clinic do mention my name ya have special price one, I can give you RM200 voucher also :)

laiquan said...

@Adele Chow: awwww you're so humble ^_^ your 素颜 pictures also so beautiful liao, where got bluff wor.. ;)

ya I'll plan a trip there soon (I'm north), there are some aesthetic clinics here too but I don't trust.. @_@ cuz those in KL look more expert gua.. haha..

yes yes ^_^ thanks for the info, I'll mention pretty blogger Adele Chow introduce me one.. haha.. but RM200 voucher?! 很不好意 wor.. @_@ that's so nice of you!! T-T

Unknown said...

hi, im interested in nose shaping treatment! :)

Unknown said...


Leonard said...

Good Stuff dele. Love you!