Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bangkok day 1

I actually scheduled this bangkok post for a week already but didn't have the time to publish it.  I used to feel upset when I see my blog stats dropping but I guess as time goes by, blogging has became a part of me and it is not an obligation to anyone.  This blog, to me, this is a place where I want to document my life moments before I forget them - which I really regretted for the past 3 years that I stopped blogging because now, I could hardly remember the details throughout the past years.

Recently I have a lot in mind - thinking about my roads ahead, writing down my core values, basically just identifying my priorities in life.  The old saying is true, when you grow up, grow old, everything that you want/need changes accordingly. 

I am proud to say, I am changing, day by day. 

Its good to constantly think, it helps to function your braincells all the time.  

The higher you climb, the more you realized how small you are. 
Never waste time on short term gain, invest on building a better version of yourself - for your future. 

Today was more like a chilling day for me so I decided to go through my old blog post, and WOW.  I was reminded by how passionate I was for blogging back then.  Most importantly, I really enjoyed reading my past events through the blogpost - it sort of refreshed my memory :)  I must continue documenting my life events because I want to remember all the little details in my life, xx. 

I haven't been traveling at all for the past few years so I'm glad I made this trip to bangkok with my sister, Rachel.  It was really a spontaneous one as none of us planned this but it just happened in split seconds after a few phone calls.  Initially, it was Tzia thats planning to go to Bangkok with her family and I just randomly checked the flight ticket and surprisingly it was mad cheap - picked up the phone - called Rach - TA DA!!

Here we are, preparing to fly ~

Both of us were really excited as it is our first flight together and also we were there for a mission. hahaha.  YES we were in Bangkok purely for shopping. nothing else lol. 

Arrived at Don Muang airport at night. 

It was already half past 10 so we decided to just hop on to somewhere nearby for some drinks and music

Definitely love TUK-TUKSS!! 

This is the Tuk Tuk driver that brought us nearby for some Phat Thai and some chicken rice. 
It was just normal. 

The worst part is this, the Tuk Tuk driver insists to bringing us to the tiger show nearby - it cost us 600baht - which I regretted so, so bad.  I do not know how to explain it here through words but basically tiger show is really disgusting.  The girls were using their private parts to show their talent.  I can see it through their eyes, they were upset it is just a job to them.  They just wanted the money....  It hurts me seeing the girls doing things like this to earn a living, or to survive.  It reminded me how lucky am I to live a normal life. 

The world needs more love. 
No one is too small to do anything big. 
Constantly be a blessing to others. #selfreminder

Bangkok day 2 on the next post!

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