Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Gift of Tongue

Im documenting this because someday I want to look back and remember how God impacted me through the gift of tongue.

It was on a usual Sunday service, 9th June 2013.
We had Pastor Troy Marshall as our guest speaker for the weekend.  I remembered Tzia and I wanted to attend his Saturday service but something came up so we decided to stick to our usual Sunday service.  I remember when Pastor Troy started speaking, he mentioned that he was suppose to preach his sermon yesterday(Saturday) which is about the Miracles of God but somehow he just knew that God wanted him to preach something else.

God's Kingdom is a Mystery.
God works in Mysterious ways..

At the starting of Pastor Troy's sermon it seems normal but slowly I began to feel.. I felt whatever Pastor Troy said was so true. I was like screaming "BINGO, BINGO, YAAAAA, YESSSSS!" inside my heart all the way... The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong I couldn't stop sobbing. Haha, I was literally CRYING but fyi, Im not sad at all its the JOY and GOD's presence working His way in me.  Pastor T was sharing so much about believing and bringing our prayer into the next level.

Before I continue, let me tell you something.

I always wanted to have the gift of tongues and I know this is a gift from God. Haha I just didnt know how and when but yeah...

When the church service was about to end, I had this strong feeling in my heart and I was waiting for Pastor Troy to call upon the altar call(because I cant wait to run out).  But Pastor did not went for the altar call, instead he asked all of us to rise and start speaking in tongues.

"God is the most insensitive person" 
"He will give whatever you want, only when you ask for it." 

"God wont suddenly move your mouth, you have to start speaking. 
Dont feel weird or ashamed, or even thinking that you might create another language, man youre not that smart okay!" 

- Pastor Troy

And that was the moment I received the most wonderful gift of my life, The Gift of Tongues.

Thank You God, I now cant stop wanting to know more about you, to learn more about the word of God.  It is through You, I can do all things.  Amen.

I strongly believe that God has a plan placing me in such wonderful church, City Harvest KL.
All I need is just to believe, that God always works in His mysterious ways... :)

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Anonymous said...

Gift of tongues is not the biggest gift of holy spirit but it is the smallest.

God gave the gift of tongues to the apostles in order to spread the gospel. There are many more theological studies in bible not based on a few verse.

I dont mean speaking in tongues are wrong but
testify it. It is your craving or God give you the gift
to serve Him?

No offence. If you would like to know more perhaps you can watch rev. Stephen Tong's youtube video to know more about God's words. What is God's real intention and truth.

God bless you =)