Monday, April 01, 2013

thoughts (scheduled)

Today is one of the days where I feel the need to log on to my blog and just type out whatever that comes into my mind.  Honestly I dont really have so much time to do blogs anymore but when I do, I actually scheduled my post. #cheat

Well what I want to express is really my gratitude towards God.  But before I continue, you can just click the X button on your top left or right if you dont feel comfortable reading this but dont judge whatever Im saying because this is a space that I want to use to glorify God's name.

You see when we are always so busy, sometimes we dont even have time for Him.  But the good thing is, He is always there for us, always.   I do not know how to list down all the things that He gave me and also lead me through, because its too much.  Besides that, one thing that I learn in the past years is, people changes, surrounding changes, they come, they grow, and then they go again.  My perspective towards things changes from time to time but I'm glad that I have someone that I can lean on, which is Him, our Father above.

Society is cruel, people aim for benefits.  We met arrogant and rude people, we met ignorant people, which sometimes upset us so much.  Everyone is longing for perfections, slowly we tend to compare, and then we get sad again.  And that is why we always forget, forget to look around the positive things that we had.. but, but what God says,
 "Love your Enemies"   

To those who break us, shape us;
To those who upsets us, strengthen us.

I strongly believe 2013 will be a good year. It will transformed me into a better person, in every ways God wants me to be.

and I want to thank You for all the happenings in my life, Amen.

**edited 31st march**

Today is the day Christ is Risen :)

Today, again Im reminded how lucky I am.  I was caught in serious sickness in the past 2 days and Im thankful to have so many awesome people around me that truly cares about me.  Life is more than just benefits, dont be an opportunist, always always always remember the good deeds :) Life is really beautiful, your maturity doesnt come with age, but how you react towards problems. ..

I LOVE MY LIFE. You should too, learn to love life and it will love you back :)

 REFRESH, shall we? :)


Will said...

I hope you are better now. You are right, people can grow in their beliefs and their wisdom. That is the cause of many "friendship" changes also because some do not grow. God love you! :) A pic for you that I shot yesterday!

Adele Chow said...

Will: thank you so much for your kind words :) God bless you too!