Saturday, January 19, 2013


Ive always wanted to travel to as many country as possible.  I believe the more you explore new places, see new things, experience new environment, your perception towards things will be different.  It makes you dream just a little bit more.. 

Such a breath taking view... 

The wishing well in Marina Bay Sand.
If you speak towards the water, people at the other end could hear you. Haha 

Looking at these pictures already make me feel like shopping and chilling around the building again...

First time entering casino. In singapore somemore lol.

Its been so long since I last went Singapore.
Its been so long since I last went to a trip with my family.

Look how fat am I already. well but its alright cos I have a fatty brother too! :D

My lovely family without my mom. 

Spending time with your loved ones is always the best feeling ever. 
Im so grateful because I still have them in my life. Looking back on how rebellious was I back then really hurts me but now I tell myself to give the best to them in the shortest period of time.  Of course money is not what they want, its the precious time and moments that we spend together as a family.

I want to explore the world more, 
I want to bring them with me as long as I can (: 


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