Monday, April 16, 2012

16th April 2012 ; two AM

Blogging at two am in the morning @ Station One Taipan with the love updating her phone to iOS5, like finally.... hahaha.

The recent face of m i n e ;

but I don't know what struck my head and I decided to make a change to my hair after 7 years of not changing my hair style -__-

WRONG MOVE, n o t.

Hair will grow eventually right & I think having a fresh look once in a while is not that bad after all :)

Some say I look like 'china doll',
Some can't tahan looking at my face at all,
MEHH .__.

I've decided to blog every alternate days as today is a Monday so I must blog every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday!!!!! I CAN DO IT HAHAHAH.

Yumms. I miss this place.

Recent event @ Philea Resort, Malacca.
Gotten ourselves a suite thanks biiiii. I personally think the suite doesn't worth the price of the room - almost RM8xx for a small room with only one queen size bed - but the washroom was a bomb sorry no picture, boohoo.

Six star hotel's culinary.

Just wanna take this opportunity to congrats these two person -
Hardwork does pays off :) Be proud of yourself :)

Brandon and Tzia.
It's been one long year.
This is just the beginning.
M O RE T O C O M E !

so, so proud of both of you.
don't stop moving forward. lets go for more :)

Chinese New Year @ Elcerdo's ;
In my previous post Ive mention that it was a disappointment but the dessert = THE BOMB BOMB BOMB!!!

The ambiance was o-k-a-y....

Starter of the day ; I forgotten what is this but its so much tastier than the main course hahaha

"Insert highclass chocolate dessert long vocabulary name"

Definitely worth the try!
Chocolate + alcohol + lemons = bliss :)

Gonna end this post with a picture of the cabonara from Charco.
Black color spaghetti om nom nom noms

Okay good night loves!

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