Monday, May 04, 2009

Yes, that's my answer.

(EDIT: 2.06pm)

Hello again! Heheh, I'm at class now using the com (:
The lecturer is not here yet, heh.

More pictures to come!
That's why I say, don't give up on my blog ahh! :D

Because I love my blog so much until I sacrifice my break time.

That's why I'm bloging in the student lounge,
while the others are already in class because another 30 more mins till my ICHB class begin.

And because I love her so much,
she was the first one who saw my LALA hair style, lol.



Yes, Howard fetched me to class today because I've no transport :(
Just so you know, my class starts at 8am. Another big sigh!

Thanks yeah guaichaikid (:

That explains why I can't go AC when Deric called around 8.45am justnow?
I was in class lah emokid! Hahaha!

(What's with ths kid kid thing nowadays? Lol!)

A sneak preview of what I've done the past weekends:
(will go into details and more pictures will be upload soon!)

Yumcha with the Subang peeps on Friday night.

Jeff came & took his stuff right before I went out!
Lol, his timing was so good!
If he called me just a little bit later, probarly I'm not at home already! *laughs*

Wai Yip send me to AC after yumcha-ing at Suku.
Met them babes (:

Headed to Genting right after Soon Teck picked me up from AC along with Jacky.

Went to the 6 hours amali the next day, which is Saturday.

Cheong K & drinking sessions at Zheng Wei's after that.

Sunday morning, out with Tzia again to Pyramid.

Bought these that cost me a bomb. :(
I'm not some rich kid la kay, sigh!


I really gtg already!
Its 10.43am now, ishhhhh.

Don't give up on me yet, pictures will be up next post.

I wonder what happen again?
(after 5 mins, after reading Tzia's blog. I think the readers came from Tzia's. Lol!)

Heh, the feelings is back!

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