Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh sorry?

(A picture of mine feeling super tipsy tooken 3 days ago in Barcelona.)
Oh girl, where's your manners? :)

Some people just don't understand how horrible the world's condition is now.
But then,
Once they fall,
Ahah, They cant get up anymore.

I'll give you one word,
Respect elders.
Before its too late. :)


I just love my classmates & teachers. Awwww.
My class rocked yo!

Nothing much happen today.

Oh can someone tell me more bout IP address?
She claims that her house is using wireless line & the neighbour stole her line then spammed my blog.

Tell me bout it :)

My mood was super good until I even walk to her?
(because she said: "you wanna talk to me don't know how to come here ah?!")

Wah, scary right?
She's form 3, I'm form 5.

Nevermind, I don't mind :)

Oh at least she apologize already, for being rude & talked loud to me & Gordon.
Thanks Gordon! :)

Thanks darling for your present! :)

By Jessica Ling.

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