Thursday, March 20, 2008

一页页 不忍翻阅的情节

Hi, i'm still very moody. Can you imagine this two night crying crying until i fell asleep & then

when i woke up, my face is so sticky. OMG.

NVM. i lose him IS A FACT.

Doest mean that i cant get him back right? I'll try my very best to get him back. But if he really

HATES me, alright. I'LL LET GO.

No point posting those EMO post anymore.

I'm still very very sad deep down my heart, but i'll only share with my BABES!

Let make this thing(my blog) back to normal.


Before i start,

i really wanna thanks again to those who really did care for me. Your love to me

really helps. I LOVE MY GIRLFRIENDS. Seriously.


It was exam last week, & i did study for my ekons paper,



yes very colourfull.


This gave me strength to study hard.


another shot,


thanks to hoeyen once again.

If hoeyen did not bring me in the Qing Gong Yan, i would't get all these. THANKS!


I need to do lots of stuff to make myself not to think about him,

ytd afternoon i keep watching Jay's CD.

my afternoon passed.

I'm glad we have each other ytd night to release stress.

i went to Jiashin's place. Enjoy talking.



What's up today?

gonna spent my mum for dinner at Tony Roma's or Shogun. EXPENSIVE!

nvm, its my own mum.


Should be meeting up with my CHS'S DEBATE SOCIETY PEEPS LATER AT 6PM+ !!!

OMG, this really make me exited. I MISS THEM SO MUCH!!!!!!

I think i've not been seeking them since last year!

I wish their DEBATE COMPETITION will excel well!


what am gonna do from 3+ to 6+ ? u free? call me k? ya la you lah who else? ANYONE lah!

Maison tonight? But having exam tmr. see how it goes lah.



描述我如何爱你 你却微笑的离我而去 "

I'd express all my feelings to you yet you still leave me.


p/s: i will keep my sadness all with me. I promise my next post have NOTHING to do with HIM.

i'm living under his shadow.

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