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Aside from Seoul, Here Are The 9 Things You Must Do When You’re in Korea

Happy New Year, 2019!

It's a brand new year and a brand new year often give us a sense of hope, renewed vision and new goals to achieve.

For me, one thing that I would love to do more in year 2019 is to explore and see the world more. I didn't get to do a lot of that the last year because of many reasons.. and indeed, 2018 was one of the most painful year for me (I will leave that to my next blogpost), but I want to encourage you - that 2019 will be a year of learning and re-learning about yourself and the world around you.

So today let's talk about Korea!
I've been to Korea, Seoul particularly many many times often for work (VERY BLESSED), but this trip to Korea has been different as we were exploring many different provinces out of Seoul.

I listed some of my personal favourite and I strongly think if you're planning to head to Korea, please please include these in your itinerary!

1. Stay in a Hanok Village Hotel Suite

Hanok (Traditional Korean House) are popular among both overseas tourists and Korean people. Located at the heart of Songdo, Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Hotel is a hidden gem in Seoul Incheon. The hotel is a delightful traditional style hank building and built as an ancient palace. There are only 30 guest rooms and suites available which equipped with WiFi service, free mini bar items, a Korean restaurant, 2 conference rooms, and a courtyard. These proudly made the hotel to be the country’s finest hanok hotel.

Look at the backyard! I wished I had more time to chill here! 

the living room, huge!

one of my favs, the traditional tea room 


The traditional wooden bath tub which claims to have some natural good stuff and if you soaked in it it will improve your blood circulation!

The experience of the Korean royal court palace-styled hanok was quite unique and great.
The granite surfaced private courtyard is a surprise to counting stars at night time and the wooden roof beams added to the feeling of authenticity.
The bed is big, soft and cosy.
The huge wooden bathtub had a warm feeling to recover a whole-day fatigue.
The immediate service attention and attention to details by the staffs.

If you are an avid fan of Korean drama, K2 and Goblin filmed in this hotel too! 

2. Enjoy a K-Live Hologram theatre! 

I absolutely enjoyed my visit to K-Live! Whilst in real concerts all you do is sit and watch holograms of big-name acts like PSY and BIGBANG performing onstage. The experience was very realistic, fun and interactive as you see 3-D images of Korea’s stars singing and dancing on stage to high-energy light effects. Also, when you first enter, a photo of your face can be taken in a booth and it will be superimposed on Korean stars’ bodies - great for a laugh. 

3. Aqua Planet in Yeosu

Aqua Planet is the second largest aquarium in Korea. It is a four-storey building located at the 63 square area in Yeosu. It features 3 main exhibitions on its 3rd floor. A 360-degree view tank, freshwater fish tanks, penguin, beluga and seal tanks are those main attractions of the aquarium. The aquarium also offers a lot more, for example, Aqua Fantasy Show, Piranha Ecology Presentation, Penguin Ecology Presentation, etc.
Not to mention, the scene of the fantasy romance drama “The Legend of the Blue Sea” cast by top hallyu stars Lee Min-ho and  Jeon Ji-hyeon is filmed in it!

Look at this picture perfect moment with Mr. Stingray :P 

4. Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Museum offers a new concept of culture and entertainment space, where combines art with hi-end technology - so-called AR (Augmented Reality) effect and 2D/3D illusions. Instead of merely viewing paintings (as in a typical art gallery), visitors can interact with the paintings and installations and create their own original stories. Paintings on museum ceilings, floors and walls come alive!

5. Bibimbap making

What is the first thing that will pop into your head when thinking about Korean food? Mine will definitely bibimbap! It is arguably one of the best-known Korean dished worldwide. I am more than delighted to have the opportunity to involve in Jeonju bibimbap making during the Korea trip. Just in case you guys do not know about this, the city of Jeonju is known for having the best bibimbap in Korea! Aesthetically balance in colour, texture and taste and colour is especially important when selecting ingredients to create a bowl of bibimbap.  Each ingredient has to be cut uniformly and be arranged in relation to what each colour symbolises.  

6. Hanbok Experience at Jeonju Hanok Village

Hanbok experience was definitely one of the most interesting things throughout the Korea trip.

Discovered South Korea’s culture in style! Jeonju Hanok Village provides the whole Korean cultural experience of wearing traditional Hanbok. Wearing a national costume seems such a lovely tradition when visiting important historic sites. Visitor can choose either a basic hanbok, or a hanbok with a theme. See…….I chose my favorite red! After choosing your hanbok, you can enjoy a complimentary hair styling. Once you’re dressed to perfection, take pictures at Jeonju Hanok Village and the city’s palaces. 

7. Tea experience at Myeongjae House

As you know, I am a coffee lover. But I don't mind a tea-session at an authentic 300 years old mansion, Myeongjae House. This old mansion offers comfort to us who lead a fast life in an unstable world. We can refresh both soul and body at one of these traditional mansions scattered across Korea.

Also, I learnt the steps to drink a cup tea as below:
1. Putting the tea in the pot and pouring the water
2. Pour the tea slowly into a cup
3. Holding a cup with two hands, observing the tea and tasting

8. Sipping Tea and having a Tea-Therapy foot bath! 

Relax and take a break! We were lead by the hosts to this healing wooden foot bath zone where our
feet enjoy relief from hours of walking the streets while spirit gets a lift from the many varieties of tea available.

9) Last but not least, you must pay a visit to the Mr. Sunshine set located in Non-san area if you are a huge K-Drama fans! 

The whole set was super beautiful, rustic and it really gives you the feeling as though you have entered into that era :) 

To me, Korea has always been known for it's beauty/skincare industry so this trip was really eye opening.. thank you to KTO once again for pampering us!

Till then, 

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