Sunday, August 10, 2014

2014 Birthday (3) - Grand Hyatt "High on Sugar" High-tea!

I'm still in the midst of compiling all my birthday celebrations photos before I can blog everything accordingly, so bare with me! Hehehe :p

It was on my actual birth-date itself and all I wanted to do was just rest at home since it was a public holiday but this sweetie of mine just nudge me and decided to bring me out for a birthday hightea!

Yi Mei, the always so cheerful and bubbly baby girl that I've known for many many years.
We used to dance together, joining competitions together back then when we were still in high school. 
So proud of her that now she's making a living out from dancing (:

This lady insisted of going to Grand Hyatt and they only serve "High on Sugar" high-tea set one that day.  Which means we cannot order the Ala-carte menu, our fav signature chocolate caramel! :(  
It was quite disappointing in the first place but we thought, why not just try on their high-tea sets since we were already there!

I've always been a loyal visitor of Grand Hyatt since day one.

Because I just love their spectacular view from above, even Marini's can't beat this place :)

Basically the whole place was filled with all sorts of desserts, from cakes...

to more cakes... and macarons, cookies...

... and scones!
I'm not really a scone person but the scones I had in Grand Hyatt really changed my perspective already.
They were SOOO good not even joking! 

This really caught my attention.
I kept wondering what are these and apparently it's not juice/mock-tail, its Liquid Nitrogen drinks!
All different flavors has different ways of preparing it, so unique! 

Unlimited Roast Beef Sandwish - something savoury for us cos everything else there is just SWEET.

All kinds of tea for your selection :)

Jasmine Silver White Tea - my pick :)

Both of us were so greedy we didn't know where to start! 
So we literally took a little from here and there hahahaha 

Macarons, sandwiches, scones, cakes, and the liquid nitrogen drinks!

They even serve us Dimsum too!

... and tea, and coffee.
Basically everything you see above, it's all included in the package of the "High On Sugar" high-tea sets.

I loved the Strawberry Liquid Nitrogen drink!

Yi Mei's pick!
It looks like a slice of chocolate cake right? Nope it's actually ice-cream I didn't try it but Yi Mei said it was delicious :)

Spending my birthday overlooking the KL city while having my favourite desserts, with good companion and sincere conversations; what more could I ask for? :)

The lights were so pretty it makes taking picture so much easier HEHHE.

Love this woman so much, thanks for the birthday treat Yi Mei!

If you're looking for any dancers to cover your events or wedding or even cooperate events.
Be sure to look for this young talented lady right there! 

Overall, we had such a splendid afternoon just eating, chatting, and snapping all the way.

Everything you see above is included in the package, it's RM88++ per person but after including tax it will cost approximately RM110 per person.  I would say it's costly for the food but it is worth the experience :)

12 Jalan Pinang
50450 KL

I couldn't thank God enough for all this great people He has placed in my life.
So thankful for friends that still make an effort to stay in touch despite our busy and hectic schedule.  I had such an amazing time on my birthday afternoon, went home and get ready for my birthday dinner with my lovely family, will blog about that next!

Till then.

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