Monday, December 30, 2013

D20X Christmas x Thanksgiving dinner 2013'


One more day till 2013 is gone! Can't believe I'm turning 23 next year which makes me feel sooooo old already -___-   Btw, I just realized I actually enjoy reading back my blogpost so much - so I'm definitely blogging more since I have too many pictures in my phone and camera!  I have 3 post to update regarding Christmas and I shall now start with our thanksgiving x dinner with my connect group members :)

I started joining this connect group since January 2013 and each and everyone of them has played a part in whoever I turned into right now.  Just so glad we have each other as our backbone #D20X 

I'm loving to enjoy wine nowadays instead of liquor, lol. 

Yes thats my connect group members - all looking at their phones 

Love the specialized gift done by Tzia and really want to thank Alisa as well for putting the whole dinner together. #grateful 

We had 3 bottles of red wine that night 

Yes thats my "engdao" leader/mentor pouring all of us a glass of wine

We had our dinner at Alicia's family restaurant - Maria's Cafe.
Really loved how cozy the place is, they even print out this menu specialized for us! 

Spicy Mussels as appetizer 
I must say this is the bomb! 

My pick - Mushroom Soup as usual 

Alisa's Pumpkin Soup - still prefer mushroom tho 

Tzia's pick - Grilled Salmon with Tangerine Sauce 
The salmon was really yummy!! 

My pick - Roast Leg of Lamb with Brown Sauce 
The lamb meat was really tender and the whole dish was really filling! 

Alisa's Grilled Chicken with Honey Mustard Sauce
I guess I really don't know how to enjoy sweet meats. hahaha still prefer my lamb :p

Dessert taime!
Chocolate Pudding that looked normal but tasted heavenly! Really don't mind having two of this hehehe

We seldom get to gather everyone at one place due to all our busy schedule but I really appreciate moments like this especially during this dinner when all of us took turns to share about the things that we are grateful for, and how God has blessed us in many ways throughout the year. 

Also, we have declared what we want to achieve in the coming year individually and also as a connect group! :) 

Then it was the time for gifts exchange!!

Then group picture! 
A typical one ehehehe

Missing this girl - Alicia 
(Sorry for the blur phone camera quality)

Much better camera version of us! 
The only one that came in full RED :D 

Us with Calvin and Leonard the brand manager and marketeer 

The only MALES in our group

Alisa, myself, Alicia, Jean and Tzia!

Love these girls! (Jean is Bryan's gf hehehe) 

A full body #ootd shot for the red lady and myself!

I lost count of how many christmas celebrated together with you :)

D20X, my family. 
We might not look like what a normal member should be, in terms of our social circle of friends but I truly believe each and everyone of us are placed in this group for a reason and there is a purpose for us to do what we are doing, in order to bless the others in the marketplace. 

I am just so blessed to be a part of this family. 
Thank You Father for putting us in this group, to learn and to grow together. 

Love y'all! 


Unknown said...

you are so inspiring adele <3 and see you soon girl. keep up your passion and love

Unknown said...

You are so inspiring babe. see you soon ! :) happy new year. Keep up your passion and love.

Leonard said...

We don't look like normal members should be then we look like what? eheh

Love you del! What is "engdao"?