Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

Its 1.14am which means it is the 30th of December 2013 already.  I know I rarely do a proper blogpost but I want to write this post as I don't want to forget what happened in year 2013 in the future.

I was just writing down my new year resolutions for 2014 and as I write and write, I've never felt this way before.  The feeling of being so determined in life, the feeling where I really want to conquer the world by God's grace - I know I'm ready for 2014.  In fact, I'm more than excited for a brand new year.

But before that, I need to remind myself that 2013 is the best year in my life.

This year is a year that I have lost and gained so much at the same time.  I've learned so many valuable lessons, I've met so many new people, I've did so many things for the first time, and most importantly, I've found my way back to Christ and I found myself through Him.

My life was changed since 3 years back, and once again my life was transformed during June 2013 when I made that decision to step out of my comfort zone - to a totally different environment.  Our God is an amazing God, He did not shortchanged me in any single way instead He provided me with a good career and amazing new friends.

Today Pastor preached about the call of God part 2 and once again Im more than blessed. #thankyou

"Follow your calling that He has given to you, we are all made in His image and we are all created to do great things in life!" 

// "Destiny is when the gift of God in your heart matches the call of God in your life." 

//  "God has put a gift in your life for you to pursue a dream of your life." 

// "You're called by God in different season to do different things!"

- Pastor Kevin Loo

As we close the previous chapter, I've learned to put God in the center of my everything.
"Seek first the kingdom of God and all shall be added unto you" 
This is one verse that I locked in my heart to remind myself that nothing should come before God, I have to get my priorities straight!  I am more than blessed to be able to experienced so much throughout 2013, and I vowed to give back to the people in need, especially people that are facing situation like mine.

In year 2014 there's so much that I want to do, I need God to guide me through.
Here's a list of my 2014 New Year Resolution.

1.  To give God the best times of my life. 
I'm 22 years old right now and throughout my my 22 years I did not get to serve Him because I wasn't rooted in any church.  Now that I'm back in the kingdom of God, I want to be able to give God my best moments in life, to serve Him and to serve the church and people.  Nothing should come before this as this will be my top priority next year.

2.  To have good health in the long run. 
I've managed to lose 10KG this year but I'm still far from my target as I was slacking after August when I started working.  No excuses this time round.  I don't want to hit the gym for the sack of losing weight but to really gain a healthier lifestyle and to slowly lose down bit by bit and never be a fatty anymore.

3.  To be able to influence in the office/marketplace.
I am definitely not someone famous neither am I having a lot of influence in the marketplace but next year will be a year for me to at least try to love a little bit more, to care a little bit more, to give a little bit more, to be there for someone a little bit more, to be the salt and light for whoever that needs help.  Be it in the office or anywhere, I want to lend a helping hand to people that needs me.  At the end of the day, 2014 will be a GOD year for me and reaching out is definitely at the top of my list.

4.  To be able to control my finances properly. 
Firstly, to be able to sowed to the kingdom of God.  Followed by a ridiculous wish-list of getting a property as a Christmas Gift for myself in year 2014.  Honestly I've did all the calculation it is really impossible to get a house by next year as the Budget 2014 is being such xxx to all of us young working adults, not just in terms of the house pricing but even to get the bank loan approved.  It is merely mission impossible at this moment.  As I'm typing this out, my heart just have a strong vision that I have to trust God fully in this.  Well I didn't want to type this out in the first place but my heart just have this feeling so strong I must write this down although it may sound funny or I might just be embarrassing myself for setting such a new year resolution.  But I truly believe in Him :')

5.  To be able to bring my family members back to Christ.
My dad is still a none believer after all these year and I pray that God will open doors for me to create opportunities for me to bring him one step closer to know Jesus.  As for my mom, brother and popo, I pray for a breakthrough and come back for them, so that they will be rooted in a church in year 2014.

6.  To be able to have the leisure of traveling to other countries. 
Needless to say much? :p

7.  I shall not date anyone. (Haha yes I'm declaring it right now)
Year 2014 is a year of NO REPEATS and I really want to focus on things that I've listed above - I basically have no time to go through all the heartbreaks/relationship issues and I believe the time will come where God will placed that special person in my life. :)

Above all, I still need to ask God once again what He wants me to focus on next year.  I pray that God will stretch us, stretch our hearts and capacity for us to be able to do more.  Like what Pastor said, let us give a little bit more, come to church a little bit more, pray a little bit more, read the bible a little bit more, do a little more and smile a little more.

Once again, I thank God for a wonderful 2013 and I can't wait to kick start 2014 already!

Till then,

p/s: my christmas blogpost will be up soon! :p

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