Monday, January 23, 2017

Isetan Cafe Review - Your new favourite place to dine and chill!

Have you heard of Isetan Cafe? They have 3 different cafes in the same building but on different floor levels! 

On the Ground Floor is Enchan-Thé Japon .
I really love the sophisticated vibe of the cafe!
My favourite from this is definitely the Rasa Sayang Cake set! 

The tea is named Rasa Sayang which means 'A feeling of love'. With lots of red fruits such as strawberry, framboise and lingonberry, your taste buds will definitely thank you for it! Also, the watermelon in almond dacquoise layered with non-dairy cream is superb!!
Rasa Sayang Tea Cake set

Next up is the Time Out Tokyo Café & Diner on the 1st Floor!

This setting is probably my favourite! Love the wooden interior - just gives such a homey feel.

Now for the food!
I love how they put in some childhood snacks(the green sticks in the middle)!
Japanese Snack Platter 
This is an European strawberry tart topped with vanilla ice cream!
Seasonal Tart “Strawberry Tart” topping with Ice Cream + Hot Chocolate/Coffee/Tea : RM31.50
Tokyo Bun Set 
Always better with a bottle of Somersby!
Tokyo Yakisoba 
Some greens!!
Tokyo Cobb Salad
Last but not least, ukafe on 2nd floor!
All the cafe's look so pretty!
This is in their New Menu! Choose 3 kinds of their homemade desserts; marble cheese cake, matcha cheese cake and pumpkin pudding and pair with their signature green tea. 
For Coffee drinkers(like me!), they have coffee options too!

Afternoon Tea Set (3 kinds of desserts + Tea/Coffee): RM28 Limited 2:00PM-6PM
Ukafe Beauty Juices!
 Chicken Kakitama Udon
Shrimp Srimi Udon
Ukafe Set 1
Also in their new menu is this Teriyaki plate! This is Chicken teriyaki, bean stew topped with healthy black rice and salad.
 Christmas Teriyaki Chicken Plate + Tea : RM25

So if you're ever looking for food around the area, I'll definitely recommend you to try at least one of Isetan Cafe's dishes! Let me know what you think of the food if you do try it :)

Thursday, December 01, 2016

THE FACE SHOP - 5th Generation Flagship Store

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a blessed week and thank you for stopping by!

I was invited to the 5th generation flagship store of The Face Shop at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur!  Woohoo, they are recently relocated and the store is now looking all fresh and new! 
They've relocated to Lot 4.52.01, Level 4 at Pavilion KL

So what's new? 

The Face Shop has always held strong to its brand philosophy of making their customers look beautiful by delivering the finest ingredients from nature and special technology for advanced formulation.

Their classy yet modern interior architecture definitely brings our character and personality which is a huge plus point! The moment you step inside The Face Shop, is just like stepping into a luxurious powder room - a whole different vibe is portrayed and the little girl in you just screams in excitement. I absolutely love the arrangements of shop as it's so easy to go around!

The flagship store comes with 3 main zones;

  1. The Cushion Zone - all cushion foundation collections from THE FACE SHOP including the new and limited edition Disney Cushion Foundation, Oil Control Water Cushion The Therapy Anti-Aging Cushion, CC Cushion and many more. 
  1. The Premium Zone - If you were to get an item from this section, I would recommend the Therapy Anti-Aging range. It has been formulated with 200 year old natural blend therapy from Europe 
  1. The Best Item Zone - basically "Must Buy" items such as their First Therapy Serum, Aloe Vera and more!

Oh and also, you can get a complimentary skin analysis which helps you understand the condition of your skin! It's a pretty complete analysis as you'll be able to find out your skin's level of moisture, pore condition, skin tone, etc. I got mine checked!

We were taught to analyse our skin and really, you should not underestimate what your eye can't see.
I always thought my skin is oily but actually I have dry skin! :O

Go try it out guys! 

This is my "guess something" team and we got the 2nd place! :D 

If you've any more queries, do visit their website and maybe drop them a message? :)


Lot 4.52.01, Level 4 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala LumpurWebsite:

Till then!


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Grateful 25th - Part (1)

I know it's been almost 3 months since my birthday in July but finally, here I am jotting these details down before the year ends because these are the memories that I want to remember for the rest of my life. 

To some, birthdays are just another day.
But to me, I appreciate birthdays because it gives us a chance to reflect and to be grateful for another year of life. 

Another year of life means another year of progress.
I know this space isn't updated as often anymore but I do make an effort to document my progress every year to make sure birthdays are not just another celebrations externally but it should be a celebrations internally spiritually as well. 

24th birthday post here
23rd birthday post here 
22nd birthday post here 

This year, 2016 July, marks my 25th celebration of life and if there's ONE word I can use to describe my feelings, it would be none other than GRATEFUL

At this point of my life, I couldn't be more grateful for every areas, people and scenarios that God has arranged and put in my life. 

25th, is a year that I have started pursuing my call and dream according to what He has called me to and the journey has nothing short of amazing.  Amazing not because things are perfect but because every step of the way, I know I am so loved by my Father above and there's nothing that I couldn't do as long as it is called by Him. 

25th, is a year that I have grown and experience the depth and meaning of life so much more than never before. Of course, I still have plenty to learn and explore as this is a lifelong journey but I have never been clearer with the road ahead of me, right at this moment.  

25th, is a year that I have encounter so many divine relationship that makes this journey of life so exciting! Knowing that there ARE actually a lot more people out there with good intentions, good heart and good vibes!  

25th, is a year that I celebrated my birthday without the love of my life, my popo. 

25th, is a year of my turning point. 

25th, I am beyond grateful despite of whatever that's happening around me in me within me knowing that I am loved, by many, by Him. 

25th, is actually a year that I realized I really don't need big celebrations or fancy parties anymore because I appreciate intimate session so much more. (But of course if you followed me on social media you would know how BIG of a celebration my lovelies has thrown me and I'll leave that to the next post because THAT deserves a post on its own T_T) 

I remember mentioning it to my #annoyingbff, tziaaa more than a million times so she booked me on the 14th, for a girly dinner date. 

She picked me from home, handed me a bouquet of my favorite roses. 
Not knowing where she was bringing me, the suspense was quite fun!

Until Rachel ter-said the location that we were heading too :P

My #annoyingbff, and sister Rachel brought me to such ATAS place - Nobu KL for my birthday dinner! 

Thank YOU annoying one, for celebrating so many years of life with me and never failed to put a smile on my face. 

Thank you sis, for your never changing spirit of love towards me. 

It was a quiet and romantic night, just the 3 of us, overlooking the city skyline of Malaysia, celebrating life. 

.. and this is exactly how I love it to be. 

Thank you both for giving me such a great birthday dinner experience, I can't help but to think of how far we have grown.  From celebrating in clubs till cafes and now places like this which I don't normally go but now we earned our own living, and we do it for people we love. 
Love you!

July 10th, was actually my first birthday celebration along with Tzia since her birthday is on the 4th while mine is on the 15th. 

So who brought us out?
No prizes for those who guessed it right. Lol.

I've only known this two brothers, Kar Wai and Kar Heng early of this year (Jan 2016 to be exact) and I don't even know how we just clicked instantly as though we are family. 

This two has definitely been the biggest sweetheart because they planned a whole day of birthday celebrations consisting of surprises after surprises! T_T

I am going to document the details down because 10 years later I am gonna look at this blogpost and smile because genuine friendship like this is what I wanna keep for the rest of my life. 

All they said was "Lock your July 10th down, pick you after church around 230PM".
"Okay boss. Noted" 
"No sport shoe or sports attire ah" - this Kar Heng even mentioned this lololol.

They picked us up and there were 2 bouquet of roses prepared for us.
Roses with black wrappings for me, Hydrangea for Tzia. Exactly what we both love!
We never even told them before but this KH's attention to details (and stalking skills) is another level I wanna CRAI.  

Of course, the first stop was the latest High-Tea that everyone was raving about that time, St Regis Hotel. 

We spent 3 hours there just taking pictures, chilling and enjoying each other's companion before we move on to the next stop... 

We had coffee break at Merchant's Lane because KW said we are still early for dinner.
4 Black Coffee for 4 of us that purposely wore 4 matching blacks. 

3rd Stop - BLVD Restaurant!
Me and Tzia was just talking about this place because we wanted to try it out and here we are, surprised by these two! Are we too flow or what? T__T

The food was great, but the companion was better :) 

As though we were not surprised enough...
Suddenly two birthday cakes appeared! 

We were together since noon remember? How and where did they managed to arrange two cakes at BLVD? Apparently they had to make so many arrangements to make sure someone sends the cakes here while we were still at Merchant's Lane...

As though it wasn't sweet or overwhelmed enough, they actually prepared THIS. 

YES, fireworks-candle because they know me and Tzia loves taking pictures! 
BLVD building didn't allow us to lit these candles so we moved on to the next, 4th and last stop, BARLAI, just to lit the candles and of course, take pictures T_T

Thank you, BOTH of you Choong Brothers for entering my life, and you guys surely outdid yourself with all the arrangements you did for us. 

Sure, we loved the flowers, the hightea, the coffee, the dinner, the cakes but most importantly, we love your heart and the effort and thoughts behind these, to bring us out and to put a smile on our faces.

P/s: You both set the bar so high.. next year your turns we stress! :P

Last but not least, 15th July 2016, Friday.

On my actual birthday, I really wanted to do something else instead of just gathering friends for a round of fancy celebrations. 

Like I said earlier, this year, 2016 to be precise have been a journey that was filled with excitement and plenty of joy and as I realigned my focus in life, I knew that giving was more fulfilling that receiving and I wanted to do just the little that I can for anyone around me.

Find a need and meet it, Find a hurt and heal it. 
And there's nothing better that doing this with this bunch of dearest people that means the world to me.

I gathered Tzia, Alicia & Joseph, Jiashin, Shermaine, Karen & Wyman, just a small group of us and I am really thankful for Kelvin and Lex who actually joined us and lead us through the whole experience. 

Thank you Lex for prepping the 50 packs of Nasi Bungkus with the mineral water too. 
The picture above was taken after we debriefed and Lex brought out a cake out of no where -__-
Hahaha thank you so much all for going the extra mile just to celebrate life with me on this day

We live in cities often being drown with work, errands and our own stuff.
So often we take things for granted and complicate our lives with petty issues.

I am glad that we did this together and on my birthday, this serves as a reminder to me, to never take life for granted. 

We are already doing so well compared to many of them that lives on the street.
Some have no family, some has but they are rejected by them because of mistakes they did in the past. 

Sometimes, all we need is that little bit grace and reminder to ourselves, be grateful.
For today is ours, tomorrow belongs to God. 

25th, I am Grateful.


Part 2 will be about my huge surprise party!