Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Here's part of how and what my heart looks like, currently.

Back to my own little space.

This is officially my first post of the year.

So much has changed since 2016.
I started the year without Popo, how does it feel when you lost the most important person in your life?

Many has been asking me, how do you find true happiness or even the sanity to be happy in the midst of all the hecticness?  Truth to be told, I don't have an answer(?) But I guess true joy comes when you are secured with your identity, knowing who you really are, and the purpose you're born.

To be able to discover the reason you're created, the reason of your past and your pain;
the reason why you are placed at a certain group, with certain skill sets and talent;
the fact that you know you exist to be part of something larger, greater than yourself.

To me, that's pure contentment and joy.

This year, I’ve made a decision to step out and be honest, receptive and responsive to my Father because the ultimately thing I want to do is to represent His heart.

Looking back at my whole life, I was always searching for an answer, constantly asking the universe, why am I being treated like this? Why is my family like this? Why is my life so tough compared to the rest of my friends and relatives? Why am I not as smart? Why am I not as pretty? Why am I not capable enough?  Why I can’t just do more? The never ending whys.

It was just the beginning of this year, God accelerated my growth and I don’t know if this makes sense to you but I felt as though I finally know who I am and the purpose of my entire life. The whole picture just resonate so perfectly and all the dots are connected so perfectly :')

The entire journey since I was a baby up till today.

I believe in big dreams, goals, visions and hard work because I believe one shall never settle for less because we are all wonderfully made in the image of God.

We are uniquely created to do amazing things in this life that will bring change to the generation, to the society. I am not saying this as a "Christianity concept" but I truly believe everyone has their passion and calling to do what they aspire to do.

But I have to be very honest.

In the midst of all these, little did I realized, I’ve carried this burden in me, the feeling of wanting to do more with what I have, hence every single moment as I live on the go, I kept questioning myself - did I utilize my skill sets and gifts? Am I doing enough? Could I have done better? Can I give more?

I realized I have been living my life in such pace that I missed out the most important part of life, being present.

But really, What is enough?

I am so thankful because I know my Father loves me so much that he wants me to live in the present and enjoy the process instead of keep thinking of ways to reach the destination faster so I can move on to the next step and do more, more and more.

Life is a never ending journey, there will ALWAYS be more.

We have all heard this before – It’s not just about the destination or end results, it is the process, the journey.

Just few months back in the month of April, I stepped out from my comfort zone and went to a mission trip in Myanmar.

One single trip changes my perspectives to life.

It changed the way I see life.
It changed the way I feel about my life.

It made me understand what true joy is all about.
It taught me that happiness is the simplicity of gratefulness.
It taught me that generosity doesn’t comes from the amount of money you make, but the condition of your heart.
It taught me to see things from my heart, my spiritual eyes instead of my pair of earthly eyes.

It reminded me of the core of our hearts, we are all created by God, having such pure and innocent heart.

Many times living in a big city, we are so busy running from point A to point B every time. Well at least that’s my life on a daily basis.   I meet tons of people for meetings and events all the time and because of my nature, I don't like wasting time because I want to be productive.  My normal days are packed with back to back appointments, phone calls after phone calls.

There is rarely one moment that I paused and have an empty mind because while I’m doing A, my mind will be thinking and wandering about B and C items.

It is not till this mission trip that I realized I can actually survived without Wi-Fi for more than 10 hours for consecutively 6 days!

It is through this trip to Myanmar, I learned how to be present. Not thinking about what’s next in my work, learning how to give FULL attention to whatever that was in front of me. I learned how to just live at THAT moment. And I realized I couldn’t be any happier!

Going to Myanmar has enlarged my worldview, it showed me how poor these people are physically, yet they are so rich in the spirit. We might not understand their language, but we recognize the language of love.

Their hearts are so rich and open and dependent on God, I reminded myself, God doesn’t see what you own on the outside, but God looked on the inside.

In the spiritual realm, these people are beyond rich that you can never imagine. :')

One of the most apparent thing that locked in my heart is to see the poor village’s kids being so friendly to all of us. We were all strangers, we all had language barriers, but these kids wants nothing from you but just sincerely appreciating your presence in their lives.

They just want to show you that they love you.

They run to you and shake your hands, they smiled at you for more than 5 seconds.

 Yes they are poor, they are running around with no shoes on their feet, but they know what LOVE is. There is no other intentions at all. Isn’t that the REAL way of doing life?

Back home because of what we have outside, because we have money and material goods, we are afraid to lose what we have, we are being taught not to talk to strangers, we don't smile that much because we are afraid people will think you are crazy, and we are afraid that people might take you for granted.

As a result we build walls around our hearts. We tend to judge.
We think people are filled with intentions. 

Eventually many of us slowly loses that genuine love and sincerity. We lost it not because we don't have it, but fear covers that layer of our pure tangible heart.

I thank God because these villages’ kids taught me how to live a life so simple yet finding joy in the simplest thing because they have nothing but a grateful pure heart.

I told myself, bringing Heaven On Earth is not a religious duty, it is simply just bringing happiness to people around you.

Find a need and meet it, find a hurt and heal it.

Everyone has different needs, some might need food, shelter, and a place to work and grow. Some might have everything externally, but they are lost in the spirit, they feel empty inside, they don’t understand things that is happening and they just can’t be happy truthfully.

Being able to live your life to the fullest potential is a blessing.
And we all have it in us. 

To me, it’s not that I have a lot of time to do so many things at one go but I know now, at the age of 25, yes I want to build a career, I want to be successful, I want to change lives, but most importantly, I want to be able to help others to live a life that they will enjoy, and to be fully liberated and secure in their own identity.

True happiness doesn’t comes from owning material goods only, although I still do work hard because I believe in giving the best comfortable lives to myself and my loves ones;

True joy comes from within when you realized life is so beautiful and you just want others to be able to live a life full of their own potential.

I am not a big business player in the market, nor anyone that is super influential but I believe, everyone has something to offer and if we choose to step up, learn to seek and search our hearts, and ask ourselves, what truly makes us happy? You will realized, true joy comes from serving and loving others.

Being able to put a smile on others, that is the best feeling ever.

I’ve always have a heart for old people and one day after hearing a friend’s testimony, I thought to myself, what is stopping me from taking the first step? Why plan so much when all the planning has instilled so much fear from just stepping out?

So I took the courage and gathered a few friends last month and just visited an old folks home nearby my house. It was a simple 2 hours of chatting, feeding and being together with the bunch of old people, it made me again realized, really, nothing is more fulfilling than being able to live out a fulfilling purposeful life.

Being purposeful doesn’t mean you must have big cooperate ideas that can shake and change the nations, sometimes, it is just doing things more intentional, love a little more, smile a little bit more, tell yourself, today I just want to be kind to at least one person, and when you do that, the joy you will experience is beyond all material goods can give.

What a long winded blogpost but yeah, I want to jot these down and one day when I look back, I will remember this current state of my life, and not forget the condition of my heart.

I’ve also been getting a lot of inbox msgs from some of you asking if you guys can join me for any of the sessions, of course you can! I don’t have a specific idea to help a specific group, I just want to take out some of my time, put in some effort, bring smile to people’s faces and of course, have some fun!  Be it old folks, kids, refugees, foreigners, homeless, anyone :)

You can always email me at adelechow91@gmail.com if you wanna get in touch!

Last but not least, I just have to constantly remind myself,
Adele, this is a lifelong journey, enjoy the ride, and enjoy it with people you love. 

Thank you Daddy G.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015, THE year that truly transformed me, inside out.

It's the time of the year again.

To be specific, it's 12.56AM on a Monday night (Tuesday morning /dated 29th Dec) and here I am, typing this blogpost as I flashed back what happened the past 12 months.

We are entering year 2016 in just 3 days time and I've always have this habit to recap my year before I start listing down my New Years Resolution.  Was reading back on my year 2013 blogpost and 2014's, I'm just so glad I wrote these blogpost. 

My hands are shivering as I'm typing this post right now.
I've so much to write because this year, year 2015, SO much had happened and I can safely say, 
I've indeed transformed inside out.

So much has changed in me, so much has changed around me.. 

1. In year 2015, Popo left us.  After being with me for 24 years, she is now gone. 
But I thank God for peace in me as I know she's now in good hands :')

Popo leaving me, leaving us, leaving the world has definitely impacted me the MOST, this year, forever. 

I remember since young I always tell friends around me I'm VERY afraid of the day when I will lose my popo. 
I'm very afraid of the day where she will die. 
And yes, the day came and this has shaken me so much.  

I was scrolling back on my phone pictures, looking back at my notes, going through my Facebook/Instagram/Dayre, indeed almost half of my year 2015 was all about popo. 

1st May 2015- We found out Popo was sick.
May to October 2015 - This whole period was about me bringing popo to the hospital every two weeks, taking care of her all the time and I was so glad the timing was right because I left my previous job last June, which makes me having the flexibility to be able to stay beside with Popo most of the time. 

Throughout this period, I was stretched, I was in pain, vulnerable, my patience was tested, attitude was challenged.  I remembered I had to sacrifice most of my personal plans because I had to take care of popo, losing my motivation in work because all I can think of is popo, I remember sharing testimony every week about struggles I face and the emotions I had to go through while I see popo in so much pain as she gets weaker day by day. 

But I never regretted a single bit because I know everything was in God's plan and made perfect in His timing. 

Popo has taught me values that I will forever keep in my heart.
She is kind, helpful, loving, hardworking, always putting others before her, contented, grateful.
She has never complained throughout her difficult time, infact she tried her best not to disturb us and do things on her own until she lost the ability to do so because of her condition. 

Popo's love to me will be a reminder forever kept in my heart. 
No matter what I do in the future, I will remember to hold Popo's values close to my heart, always. :')

2. In year 2015, I finally pulled myself away from a relationship that wasn't meant for me. 
.. and I grew to be a better version of myself after stepping out :')

I've never written anything about this person.
But I thank you still for being there for me throughout the years and I wish you all the best in everything that you do in the future. :')

I finally have the courage to write this here now because I'm so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and did the right thing, for myself, for the both of us.

It was a terrible struggle to leave a person you're so comfortable with, which makes you get out of sight where you're supposed to head to.. and I just want to thank God for reminding me we are all made perfect in His eyes and we shall not settle for anything less. 

I'm glad I grew and I learned. 
In year 2015, I learned to love myself a little bit more and aspire to love like how Jesus loves. 

3.  In year 2015, I grew closer to my Family. 
Especially after Popo left us, dad's and brother's heart just got soften :')

I thank God for doing such great work in my family especially on the relationship between me and my dad.

I used to not dare to talk to my dad because he is really very fierce to me since young and after what happened all these years, we just never talked, never had a lot of body contact (eg: hugs) or so.  
But this year, dad's heart has been soften so much and we started to have a lot more real conversation and my love to him has just grown so much after getting to know him a lot more better this year. 

As for my mom and brother,  I'm happy that I finally have a chance to bring them to a mini getaway because 3 of us have never gone to any vacations together before!
And this short trip to Penang has brought us closer than before.  As my brother now stays alone with his friends, while mom has to work till late everyday so the chance of getting us together is not easy.
 My goal for 2016 is to bring them to at least ONE nice trip out of Malaysia, all expenses taken care by me! 

4. In year 2015, our Sisterhood and Cell Group just grew stronger and closer.
A community that journeys together grows together.  

I'm so thankful for this bunch of sisters and members in this journey of pursuing God's in our lives.
Responding to God's call and realizing our purpose in life is made so much better together with them! #D9CG

 5. In year 2015, I travelled to 5 countries and I'm very thankful for that.
Every places I go inspires me.

Jan 2015 - Bangkok and Bali
June - Australia
August - Singapore
October - Korea 

Every country I go, I come back with a story to tell. 
Thankful for the amazing experiences and reminder to myself. 

6. In year 2015, I experienced Hillsong Conference for the first time in Sydney. 
.. and I told myself, I must be able to attend more conferences all over the world, not just Hillsong, not just in Sydney.

Thanks Careen and Siewmin for being such an awesome babysitter(s)!
Not forgetting their awesome husbands too!

7. In year 2015, I ignite my love towards EDM after seeing Martin Garrix LIVE in KL. 
Yes my love towards Martin Garrix is ignited too, lol.

8.  In year 2015, I started up my own company. 
.. and I'm now one step closer to my dreams.

I've always wanted to do my own things and in year 2015, I took a bold step to quit my job around June but I was focusing on taking care of my Popo till just few months back.. 

Finally working on my goals and visions, as me, all of me.

9. In year 2015, I've been enlarged, mentally and spiritually as though another realms was unlocked in me.
My character was put into test, over and over again.  I'm still working on being a better person with more patience specifically. :P 
I learned how to recognize God's voice and experienced the fact that Holy Spirit is ALWAYS in me and will be with me in whatever I do.  This has gave me peace that I've NEVER experience before and I'm so thankful for that.  I've also learned how to see visions that God has impressed in my heart and the sense of being able to connect and communicate with my Father is simply amazing!

10. Lastly, in year 2015, I responded to my identity in Christ by realizing what really matters to me most now. 
I don't know if this make sense to you but it's like I finally know who am I and the purpose I have on this earth.  Priorities are clearer I no longer long for society acknowledgment or materials goods to affirm my status.  I grew wiser each day by knowing my true identity in Christ as I learned to focus on the heart because God sees nothing but the heart. 

I used to always categorized my life according to 3 things: Finances (Career), Relationships (Family and Friends) and Spiritual growth.  Nothing wrong with that but from this moment onwards, I want to place my plans upon God's hands and include God in everything I do and not just categorized Him in one category. 

Year 2015 is a year that has changed me inside out.  I'm thankful and grateful for EVERYTHING that happened and I know God was moulding me (still am) and preparing me for greater things ahead. x

In year 2016, its not about me, its about the community and about doing things that matters, doing things that will bring Heaven on Earth. 

Till then, 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Shop Benefit on Luxola now!

Guess what appeared on my door step the other day?

This set of Benefit beauty from Luxola!

If you didn't know yet, I'm a HUGE fan of all eyebrows/eyeliner products!
I don't really put on make-ups on a daily basis but if there's ONE thing I must bring along with me, it must be a good eyeliner! 

I've heard so much about this "They're REAL" Push Up Liner from Benefit but I just didn't have the time to drop by their physical store to test and try em' out so I'm REALLY grateful to the team in Luxola for being so nice and generous to send me a set to try out! 


They're now selling online and exclusively with Luxola so you can now just purchase your favourite Benefit Cosmetic online, click HERE to check it out if you don't believe me hahaha. 

Trying out the eyeliner and eyebrow mascara!

I really like the tip of this push-up liner, it makes drawing my favourite "cat-eye-look" so much easier!

All you need is just TWO items, to create a better look to make your eyes look fresh and clean!
(Look at my horrible eyebrow initially because I have not trimmed it, eyebrow mascara to the rescue!! #EYEBROWMASCARAFORTHEWIN)

Look at how the eyebrow mascara enhanced my brows color, and I went for a clean simple look hence just drawing the eyeliner at the end of my eyelid to make my eyes look bigger!

Both the eyeliner and eyebrow mascara is waterproof so...
 Benefit also prepared this remover solely to ease your problem of removing it!

Haha it's really my current favourite product at the moment #truestory

My full look just eyeliner, eyebrow mascara and a tint of lip color!

Get this simple look using benefit products from Luxola now!
Online shopping is just a brilliant invention :')

Till then,