Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random lines . .

Hey folks, this blog is filled with dust already I know.

I can't help it because I don't have a camera at the moment :(
Will be getting myself a baby cam by end of the week! :D

I won't stop blogging, so must continue supporting me aight?

Since there won't be any picture uploaded in this post, I'll just make it another wordy post.
(but normally when I decide to write a post filled with post, there must be something :@)

So, how's life so far?
As usual, I'm still working for the so called cute outfit you guys mentioned earlier?
Neh this one . .

Yes, still working at Ara Damansara from 6pm-11pm . . . a pretty relaxing job!

Then head down to KL to pick the girls, but there's no need anymore cause I've just hire a driver hahaha.

Life's being real exhausted seriously, but thank God I see cash coming in after my hard work!
Finally, events are all rolling in, all I need is more power and energy!
Working this Sunday for GRA again @ Serdang.

Mhmm, come & visit me and the other sexy ladies okay!!
I've been facing some difficulties lately but as I always said, I believe in Karma, and of course I believe in God, O Lord! ;)

I always believe he is watching us, I can't wait for HIS next move in me.



Grace said...

hah, the outfit looks really cute! ;D

Jason Yee said...

lol...cute indeed. =DDDJason

KuBi said...

hey cute girl!! hehehehe

两面人 said...

hi, my name is boon, can i visit u one day?

umei said...

Hey Adele,

Good afternoon,

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Shall you be keen to partake in this, do drop me an email at and see how we can take it from there.

Thank you and have a fabulous week ahead!

Netster23 said...

So cute :D

Netster23 said...

So cute :D