Friday, January 10, 2014

Rachel & Abi's birthday // Black Market // Sassorosso Italian Restaurant

Champagne is my new found love.  

Hello! I'm currently at our exhibition booth in Setia Alam but the promoters are doing their job so here I am, updating two birthdays in one post. Yes two in one because I still have a lot more backdated post to update heheh.  Btw, I had such hectic morning driving around one area to another and the appointment time were all so close!  Thank God I managed to strive through it (:

Sissy loves turns 24 and I decided to bring her out for a night out.
Really love the decoration upon arrival. 

Black Market - No. 16. Jalan Kampung Pandan, 55100, Kuala Lumpur. 
(Its right beside Caffeinees, if you know where that is)

I chose this place because I saw the good reviews online and luckily the sister loves it! 

The place is just nice, not too big yet it is spacious enough. 
It is really a good place to have private parties especially birthday parties! 

I don't know what is this honestly but they recommended it to us saying its their best seller especially to girls. haha true enough, its so good! 

Love their complimentary sparkling water as well with the pretty champagne glasses. 

Both of us had dinner so we ordered a caesar salad to share. Nothing fancy.

Birthday cake for the birthday girl. 
The chocolate lava was not bad but I guess no where can beat Leonardo's. 

Hope you enjoyed the little celebration with me, my pretty sister!

Shameless selfie! #buaypaiseh

Rachel posing with her birthday present from me!


To many more birthdays with you, sister. 
May you be healthy always, and be bless with everything you've ever wanted.
Happy Birthday once again (:


Learning to enjoy white wine nowadays instead of red, xx

Abi aka Hoe Yen's birthday dins @ Sassorosso - 9, Lorong Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

The restaurant was formally a bungalow, love this private dining area reserved specially for us! (so we can berchilling inside don't need to act atas and worry about our images hahahaha)

because all of em' are so atas speaking so softly lol
I would say the restaurant was really cozy and I like how they used white as their themed color.

We had 5 bottles of these sparkling water 

menu // complimentary bread

We had turkey ham pizza as starter for all of us to share, nyums!

A toast to Hoeyen! 
(I still prefer calling you hoeyen instead of Abi, if you're reading this yen, I'm sorry haha!) 
I used to love red wine and not touch white but I guess I'm learning to enjoy the white ones too.

Thats Cheryl, Amanda, myself and the birthday girl.

Along with Thomson, Leonard, Marcus and Justin. (I can't believe I typed their english name!!!)

Ok here comes the food but I have totally no idea with their french name so I'll just write down whatever I remembered!

Shrimp pasta 

Birthday girl's lamb shank 

Yay this one I know! 
Its the Pan fried potato crushed sea bass!! Cos this is mine lol. 

I think this is fish ah? sorry ah told you I not atas one I don't remember glamorous food name (especially french cuisine)

Duck Ravioli

Ok I totally forgotten whats this.

Forget about the food lets have a groupie! 
Most of us are from CHS which means friends for almost 10 years! 

Amanda and the birthday girl

Met this lady when we were both 14, how time flies.

Met this woman on that day itself. How time not yet fly. LOLOLOLOL

Used to hate each other back when we were form 2 but end up being buddies for more than 8 years. Love how we can click despise not seeing each other for such long time. 
Love this friendship. 

Cake taime! 

Birthday girl blowing her candle,

Birthday girl cutting her cake,

Birthday girl taking a picture with all of us! 

Not too pricy for 11 of us with two bottles of wine. 
Honestly I doubt I'll be back again for the food... But the service was top notch! (:

Ok vain adele is vain must end post with my own face.
Wanted to caption this pic with some awesome pawsome quotes but then suan le ba. dont act lah adele. hahahaha posing with wine glass some more -_-

That's all for today! Hope you had fun reading!

Till then,

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