Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry belated Christmas! 09'

How was your Christmas this year?
Mine was okay compared to the last one (:

Christmas tree from S'pore! (:

With shie, qian, bun, vi & myself.

Well, so basically I celebrated my Christmas eve @ Maison along with my brother sister. It wasn't a hectic night for me as I was sober whole night long. Not even close to tipsy so yeah... But I'm so happy that I met tons of familiar faces (:

Maison's santa! haha, thats Jie Yi in purple.

I was having fun playing with the thing on my mouth as you can see.
I dont know what you call it but its damn annoying one *blows* haha!

I love these too! the hi5 thingy that goes, "piak piak piak"!
and oh, his name is Kim Chun bitch.

Adele, Kin, Kim Chun & Edwyn.

Seong Soon & Ying Wen was there too (:

Nich & also his friend, Keith (:

I love my wifey, kan? :P
you owe me a ring, boo!

fav pic of the night, heh*

they just loves to bully me!
ya la i know I fat la sighh T_T (its always joshie's idea btw!!)

Ming Yu was there too! See we got Christmas feel one, Red & White :)

Seh Zun, best friends hor? HAHA!

The night ends with Kim Chun whom lost his wallet *ahem* and playing games at KL Kayu. -_____- It was a sober night (:


I followed the DDOL to Klang for Robert's house party. It was pretty awkward at first because I don't know anyone there but guess the party turned out pretty well after the drinking game started. :O

Thanks Nick & Aaron who send me to Coco just because I wanna look for....


I remember walking in Coco but I dont rmb when I left that place.
I remember I ordered Roti Telur but I don't rmb who paid.


I puke once I reached home, wooooo :(

Oh but I love this picture although I don't know when we took it. O.O
(stop asking why I never dress up to clubs la! I dont like to make up lor, can? pffft!!)


§pinzer said...

lol it's like you find these photos in ur camera without even knowing how it got there... damn funny la you!

Merry Christmas and I'm sure your New Year countdown gonna be just awesome ;)

Adele Chow said...

spinzer: lol why you say lidat leh? I KNOW WHERE AND WHEN THE PICS ARE TAKEN ONE!! T_T haaha same goes to you yeah (: (:

Unknown said...

@§pinzer's comment made me think. 'photos in camera but don't know how it got there' haha!
hmm...thinking what i'm thinking?

§pinzer said...

lol apa scandal nihhhh!!!

Adele Chow said...

DYLAN: omg nooo. i dont know what you're sayingg laa!! haahhaha!

Spinzer: you la scandal! TSK!!!