Friday, July 03, 2009

When you're around, its like Zero Gravity.

(EDIT: 12.16am)

Haha, its 16mins past 12 FYI its 4th of July now & XXXX is beside me hugging with her XXXX hahahahahahahhaa :) :)


TING HO YIN !!!!!! :D :D

(I will just leave their names here without picture because Im currently at Taman Maluri Hotel(lol) hogging on the lappie although Im not suppose tooooooo!) :p



Its 1.50am right now & I'm currently at Jason K's with the whole bunch peeps drinking while I'm isolating myself in this room because I wanna blog. Haha!

Before I continue, just a shout out to this dude:

Ha, err.. I don't know what to say, but yeah..

Happy 18th b'day!

I know you're gonna have a great one because I'm here. (ha!)
(Although you are already half deaaaaad out there)

Left picture says: "Yay!" *Big wide smile*
Right picture says: "Wooo.." *Sad face*

Yay because MHL is over! I'm glad I could answer 4 of the essay questions outta 5 because I was so nervous this morning until I almost gave up reading the notes. Tension sial. Thank God really, Amen.

Not forgetting CSS paper was easy though, heh. I'm happy because I've tried my best. No regrets or "I should have study" kinda thing at the moment. Claps for myself :)

Woo because BSC(Basic Computer Studies) paper is tomorrow, more like 6 more hours to go. The sad thing is, I just finished all the notes but I can't remember the names yet. Tsk, what am I doing here la? =/ Luckily the finals of BSC is just 20% outta 100% so, hehe! :p


By the way,
this post is dedicated to all my course mates;

the Diploma in Mass Communications, March Intake 2009 peeps.

(Tons of pictures ahead, bare with me.)

It all started 2 months ago where everyone just stepped onto the new environment. Therefore, meeting new people is the thing that you have to do.

I'm so glad having these peoples in my class because they were all awesome & when I say awesome, you spell with me A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

We were all strangers at 1st but as time goes by, we are like one family. Although its just 2 months, but a strong bond had build between us. Don't deny ah, course mates! :)

I will just let the rest of the pictures to do the talking & of cause at the same time I would love to say a few words towards those who are close with me.

You might think that I'm exaggerating or crapping too much but I really want to type it all out & at the same time, I can't deny the fact that I will really miss my bunch of friends in this class. No doubt, we will still see each other in college but we will all be separated to different class. :(

My favourite picture & that's my BFF aka Nigel on my right while Jade is infront of me.
Ram, Sheena & Lee Yee behind us.

Why am I holding the cam?

I know I look horrible but, who cares? :P

My loves :)

All sorts of post just to camwhore.

My darling throughout the whole sem.

I don't know whether will we be in the same class next sem but promise we will still be as close as now okay? :)

"Cacat wei..." -Quoted by Jason Khoo.

Yeah I know right, whats with my face? Haha.
Edward, you have been so cute all these while (lol) although I doubt you will read my blog.

See, how cute he is?!! :D

Woah, so tall ah Brian?
Hah, I don't know what to type because there is so much for me to say.

1st, Jamal & Lalatika.
2nd, emo talks.
3rd, gamers.

See, Brian also cute one okay!

Sheena & Jeslyn.
This was a candid!

The MCA's.
I love em' so much & they just can't stand my lame jokes, lol.

Zaqir, hmmmm.
Study hard? :)

Okay Brian, now I know how you feel already because I'm getting LAZY too.

William, alar you already know what is my "feelings" towards you. (ceh)
Lee Yee, haha study hard okayyy! :)


Aiya, some of us went to Sunway Pyramid after class last week.
Brought them to Kim Gary. Had a good session there.

Ramena, you are so cute all the time & stay hot!
Syah, see you just reminds me of your DSLR :p

One from Katzatsan, one from England.
Now at Taylors :)

Self timer rocks :)

Girls will always be girls, mirror shots!

Adele is the camera-man! Yipeeee :)


I'm lazy to write it all one by one lah, haha.
(I just realized I left Jade out)

Okay Jade, listen up.
Petite petite kay? Haha. You really did lead me pretty well & I always feel good when I'm chatting with you. B grades is yours tralalaa~

Overall, I wish everyone of us will score this time & gained good results always.
Take care peoples!

P/S: I love all of my class mates, a lot.

Where is my prince?
He just lost his direction and he is lazy to ask for help.

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