Thursday, July 02, 2009

Feelings come & go,

Hey :)

I don't blog in mandarin often so when I do means that is an emo post that I don't want some specific people to understand it that's why I wrote it in Mandarin.

No biggie, its just another random emo post in Mandarin :)


Intro to Human Comm & Intro to Mass Comm is done!
The papers were great, I suppose? :)

I'm currently struggling with all my MHL notes, FYI MHL stands for Media History & Law.
It's the hardest sub among all in this sem & the worst part is, the format of the final paper is totally insane!

Compared to midterms, it was just short essays, CCCCCRAZ-Y!! =/



"Go buy Star newspaper now."
That's what I received from Tan Tzia Tzia this afternoon while I was hardcore revising my ICHB notes in the library. So yeah, I ignored the msg. (Tzia don't kill me please)

As I said, I was struggling with my MHL notes & mum suddenly shouted:

"Ehh, you.. the.. Star paper..."
(shows me the paper)

"Er ya ya ya! That's Tzia la!"

I didn't let her finish the sentence because I knew about it, lol.
So yeah, have a look people!

1st picture: Its Tzia on the right & Jamie on the left.
2nd picture: Nigel aka fly guy.

The cover of this session, blogging is earning :)

*Inserts Nigel's & I punya LG event's picture*

*Insert Jamie & I punya picture*

*Insert Tan Tzia punya picture*

(Blogger is being a bitch, because I'm not suppose to blog at this moments.
My notes need me more =/)


Because he's my favorite lecturer, Sir Indy.
He taught me a lot by giving me opinions about life.

His favorite quote, "Its all about attitude".
Not forgetting we are the Cancers too, heh. :p

(He reads my blog okay. Hah!)


BACK TO THE PRESS HISTORY & the legal amendments!! =/

P/s: Happy birthday Shue Ze & Livia! :)
P/s (ii): Its another new month again, argh.

but memories stays forever.

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