Friday, July 10, 2009


(EDIT: 1.46am)

Hello.. (before I continue typing, the stupid Kin just asked me this: "What is the stupidest alphabet?" Guess what? The answer is, "U"!) Gosh, effing lame right. Haha!

Btw, guess where am I now? :)

I'm at Old Town Kopitiam drinking my "hot hot water"(Cause I told the waiter I want a cup of hot water & he repeated, HOT HOT lmao) I'm not at ss15 or Taipan but Genting. Sitting exactly at the same spot as yesterday, just that the people beside me are not the same. *grins*

I'm typing now & at the same time feeling super dizzy, thanks to Yong Wai Kin & his Caldina. -___________- We took not more than 30minutes to reach, but the car was damn steady. No doubt, very very comfy as well.

On the other hand, Melisa is at Zouk now.
She almost emo me because I don't wanna go :(
I really don't wanna club that often anymore lor that's why. I rather chill here with the cold cold air awwww! *breath in*

Hmm, Jason & bunch is all at Maison now hahahahahah I'm so proud of myself because I've not hit the club for more than 2 weeks already. You might think I'm bragging bout this because its just 2weeks but you should see how often I hit a club previously.

Lol, my friends would know.

K la bye, update soon! :p
I think tomorrow night as in Friday night, I'm coming up here again! Hahahaha, Genting is like my second home already. Perhaps Malacca next week? Or Singapore with H? (:



Aku rindu pada mu.


I said I will update very frequently but thanks to all my fabulous friends, I'm out everyday like seriously everyday. Haha, currently at Taipan Station One, was at Kota Damansara & ss15's Starbucks before this.


Went up to Genting yesterday instead of MOS.
Tonight Maison? Mos? Haha, I think I'm heading up to Genting again. I love being there because it just feels so right. I love the cold breeze. Awww.


I will be legal in a few days time & I don't know why this year I just don't feel like celebrating. FYI, I celebrated all my previous years birthday with my friends, not forgetting the family members :) There are always 2 or 3 celebration of mine. Ha!

But, this year. 18 years old. I, just dont know why.
I just don't feel like celebrating. Haha!

Althought dinner with XXX is a must already, hmmmm.

Guess I will be quitting blogging after my bday.
Stay tuned to see more updates alright? Maybe I will change my mind? Ha!

"Miss you...Xx..."

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