Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DiGi Advertorial

(EDIT: 11.20am)

Currently & FTZ now alone, I'm unhappy. I really don't understand you, daddy.
I know you read my blog but I really gotta say this.

I don't understand why are you making a big fuss outta my posts?
Its my bday, must you spoil it? Sigh, unhappy.

I am quitting blogging.



Argh, I seriously need more cash!

You know what, I’ve been reloading rm10 for my phone like, everyday. DOUBLE SIGH.
I’m using DiGi Prepaid FYI.

I know right -_____________________-
RM10 per day= RM70 per week= I’m always broke. :(

A very good example: I would rather use my last RM10 to reload my phone instead of getting myself a plate of chicken rice that cost me RM4.50. Yes that’s just so Adele. =/

SEE HOW MUCH I NEED MY PHONE!? (With credit lah of cause)

Until the day I know about DiGi Campus! I saved up a lot, no doubt.


Listen up yo! I’m telling you how to save more money lehh, hahaha!!

This new DiGi Campus offers students FREE CALLS, FREE SMS and FREE SURFING.

It is nationwide too!
Everyone say YAY with me now, YAY!!! :D

Hey, don’t worry about the procedure to sign up; it is real convenient as it is made available at almost 200 universities and colleges.

Oh, did I tell you that by just reloading any value once a year, they’ll get connected to their pals for the next FOUR years upon activation? Oh yes I just did. Ha!

You will get:

1) FREE CALLS. Applicable for DiGi to DiGi numbers after customers spend RM2 total daily usage on calls, SMS, MMS, data and more.

2) FREE SMS. With their 11 Friends and Family™ numbers only. Eh, anytime and anywhere they are.

3) FREE SURFING. Its available after their usage for the month exceeds RM30 for data.

Besides the best rates, DiGi also offers students more rewards and privileges like:

1) Reload Bonus™ (I always get more than rm50, which means I reloaded rm500+)
2) Birthday Bonus™ (Yay I love this, you’ll get 50% of what you reloaded)
3) DiGi Rewards™
4) Digi Music™,
5) Fresh Grad Plan

So now, what are you waiting for?

Sign up at all campus dealers or participating outlets nationwide or check out www.digi.com.my/ campus for more info and list of participating dealers. 


I’m at the campus student lounge btw, I was texting all these while too. Haha & I don’t have to sacrifice my RM10 today!

“2 plates of chicken rice please!”


P/S: I've a lot to update, really. Stay tune. Long post coming up! :)

P/S (ii): I'm turning 18 tonight when the clock strikes at 12! *jumps*

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