Wednesday, May 20, 2015

CUPPATEA - 14 days teatox!

I'm constantly finding ways to keep fit/lose weight, not just to look good but also to be healthy!
Especially living in KL City, we often found ourselves busy with work and events, it's not easy to get rid of our (more like MY) unhealthy hectic lifestyle.
Besides the need to find time and head to the gym, we should always take care of our food intake as well.

Recently I was introduced to this teatox - CUPPATEA, the teatox for weight loss. 
I've seen people drinking teatox but I often thought drinking green tea is enough? Not until I've read up some info about how teatox could help us with our digestive system!

Every single day we are feeding ourselves with so much good (unhealthy) food, it is very important to detox and cleanse the toxin in our body from time to time.

The easiest way is to drink CUPPATEA!  :P
Basically it's a natural process of cleansing our body through tea drinking.
Our body will then eliminate unwanted toxins from our lungs, kidneys and skin naturally!

I've been drinking CUPPATEA teatox for about 5 days now? 
And I can instantly feel my tummy has became less bloated :) 
I'm often rushing from home to work, but I'll never forget to bring my sachets of CUPPATEA with me :)

I'm currently still in the 14 days teatox programme -
I have 14 teabags of Morningtime Detox and 7 teabags of Bedtime Cleanse.

Did you know drinking tea like this could also help to burn fats as well as having a better skin complexion?

Really loved the pastel packaging design as well, motivates me to drink it on time haha!

The sachets are all made by 100% natural ingredients
 - Mate leaves, Chinese oolong tea, Ginger root, Lotus leaves, Lemongrass, Ginseng root, Dandelion leaf, Gotu kola leaves and Nettle leaves!

Hahaha yes so healthy!

Start your day fresh with a cup of CUPPATEA :)

The least I could do is to drink this, at least I'm one step closer to healthier lifestyle ok!

It taste like green tea with a slight ginger smell but I'm not a big fan of ginger.
Thank God the ginger smell is not strong at all so yay!

Here's to a healthier lifestyle :)
Don't forget to down yourself with plenty of water as well. 
Always keep yourself hydrated at all times! 

Good things are meant to be shared! 
You should totally try it out too! 

Just key in "adele15off" upon checkout in their online store, to get 15% off whatever you're purchasing so hurry on, check out

Till then,

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