Friday, April 24, 2015

Words that I speak to myself.

It's 12.16AM on a Thursday night (or should I say Friday morning already?) and here I am typing away in the living room while the whole family are already sleeping soundly.

Honestly I have no agenda, no special cafe/food/celebrations to blog about but I just miss this place. This very own platform of mine that I've started way back then since I was 17 - it has been 8 years now.  I was randomly scrolling through my old blog-post and indeed I've grown so much since then. The only one thing that I really regretted is I did not blog enough, I did not document enough stories of my journey as a person.  And I know I will and must do it from now on, just need to make it a point to start updating once a week :)

It's another turning point of my life.

April 2015 - 24 years old (3 more months to be exact) 
I made a bold decision.
Just like what I mentioned in my previous post, life has always and will always be a season, and it is NOW, my another season in life.
1)  The only thing that is constant is change. 
2)  You need to keep moving to move forward. 
The two quotes that I constantly remind myself.

Over the years, my life has been nothing but a roller coaster ride.  I used to complain a lot about everything, I still do now but I guess I truly understand what they mean when they say "You are the owner of your life, so why complain if you don't make a change?"

Don't like how your body looks like? Hit the gym and fix your eating habits.
Don't like a certain someone? Stay away from them.
Don't like being scolded? Make sure you do things properly to minimize chances of others finding fault with you.
Hate the feeling of being broke? Plan and organize your finances accordingly.
Think you're not smart enough? Make effort to read more or ask questions to people that is smarter than you.
Think your life is dull? Make a change by identifying what "fun" and "life purpose" means to you. 

I can be very honest, the above are the few out of the hundreds/millions of complains that I always ask myself. But I realized whatever your thoughts are, they reflect your actions, and your actions will become your character.

It is very important to know what are you feeding yourself.  What thoughts are constantly running through your mind, what words are you saying to your heart?  Because those words spoken to you, from you, are the most dangerous ones. 

I have BIG DREAMS, many many goals that I want to achieve.
I want to reach my maximum potential, I want to be more than just a person with money.
I believe in working hard, working smart, but I also believe in timing and season.
Once the season is gone, it is gone forever.

Who do you want to be? What do you want to do?
I believe in Christ, and I know my purpose in my life is to bring Glory to Him through everything that I do.  No matter what I do, I want to do it with excellence, just like our Father.  Love fervently, be kind to everybody and never forget where you came from.  Always be grateful and stay humble, always always always.

I want to be a better person, it starts from within.
Life is a constant battle, a battle between the current you and the future you.
You might not know what's ahead but trying is always better than regretting.

One thing that I'm telling myself in this season:
5 years from now, I would rather tell the world that "I FAILED", than "I SHOULD HAVE..."

Till then,

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