Friday, April 24, 2015

Ciao Ristorante, KL (#annoyingbff date)

Hello!  Finally taking a breather to do an update about my life :)
Things were pretty hectic since January this year and it's just gonna get busier and tougher. #bringiton *insert strong muscle arm emoji*

Here's a #throwback post to a dinner date with my #annoyingbff, Tziaaa at this really romantic italian dinner place, Ciao Ristorante.  Both of us has been so busy with work and we barely have a proper dinner date so yea, we both agreed to this fancy dinner heh.  Although we do Saturday brunch weekly now hahaha :P

Looking all tired and sweaty hence the hairband. 
We both rushed from work!

First time visiting this place and it was truly mesmerizing.
This restaurant is a land on its own so parking isn't a big problem. + points for that!

The place is filled with warm colors and wooden furnitures, creating such a warm fuzzy homey feeling!

Simple yet beautiful table setting. 
Lovin' the candles and daisy's! Banyak romantic. 

They serve a wide range of pasta, and that's what Tziaaa really love!

See what I meant? 
Really have a thing with wooden interiors, made me instantly felt in love with this place.

More pictures of the dining area.

Lady boss ordering for me :P

I've always been a fan of Italian Cuisine, I mean whut.. B R E A D and VINEGAR + olive oil is the BOMB! #CanEatThisAllDay 

Paired with a glass of wine :)

Cheers to both of our successes in our career path. 

Another toast to our friendship x appreciation 

Grigliata RM72
Lobster, tuna, salmon, shrimp, scallops, and calamari

It tasted just normal to me but overall I'm not really a seafood person so I don't think I can judge. 
Loved the scallop though!

Spaghetti alle Vongole RM38
With Sauteed Clams and aroma of garlic and curly parsley.

I'm usually not a very big fan of Aglio Olio cos I like all things heavy flavoured but this dish was good! Maybe because there's some garlic aroma lol. Sorry lah ain't no atas food blogger pls.

Just the both of us, chatting our night out with a view like this.

Of good food and a glass of red wine, with probably one of the most annoying lady in the world that makes me happy, what more could I ask for? :)

Both of us tired looking face but selfie is a must!

This place is really a good idea for couples. 

Eyebrow game strong sorry ah.

Just a portrait taken by Tziaaa's canggih camera which I plan to get soon!

The bill turns out to be almost RM200 and #annoyingbff decided to spend me this awesome meal as a form of appreciation T_T 


Ended the night with a very filling sweet treat at our all time fav place:

Dip n' Dip - RM24.90
This is our favourite dessert I don't remember what is it called already but it's filled with layers of ice-cream and chocolate topped with crepes and ice-cream again!

I could do this all day, having a good meal and dessert over some quality time spent without pressing our phones.  I guess when we grow a little bit older, we tend to appreciate presence rather than material goods. 

Ciao Ristorante
20A, Jalan Kampung Pandan, 55000 KL.

Till then,

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