Saturday, January 24, 2015

I was an MLM-er for 3 years.

Wow, can't believe I'm planning to write this all down today. 

I was just randomly typing it out on my DAYRE yesterday, about how some of my past experiences molded me into how I am today.  To be honest, I was really a bit overwhelmed by the responses, didn't know so many are actually interested in this because I know to many, MLM is just another annoying con-man business in the market. 

Lol.. I really don't know how to write this out.  Where should I start. I'm trying to reminisce all the past experiences and I'm feeling very heavy already fml. 

Ok before I start, let's give you a little bit background about myself. 
I didn't come from a very well to do family, in fact, I started working since I was 15 years old.  I've done all sorts of jobs from selling accessories and cloths in Sunway Pyramid to working promoter/usher/freelance until becoming an event agent when I was only 19.   For those who followed my blog back then while I was still actively blogging would definitely remember how much I blogged about my work life last time.

I remember I was still a student back then in Taylor's while working as an event agent all by my self. I was only 19 years old when I first joined this MLM business. 

Why MLM you ask me?
To be honest, like many of you. I HATED MULTI LEVEL MARKETING. 
It is like forcing people to pay a large amount on something that we don't even need.
It's annoying.
It's a SCAM. 

Yes, that was the mindset I had.  But you can't deny the fact that many has succeeded as well. I've seen plenty. Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT trying to sell you anything here. In fact, I'm no longer in MLM anymore but I want just want to share my two cents here, on my own platform.

What are the MLM-er selling to you?  
They are not selling you the product, well they might be; but the real deal is they are selling you a dream, they're selling you a hope.  NO one can forces you into something that YOU DON'T WANT TO.  
Most people hated the approach, hated the presentation, hated the person, hated the business.  It's hard to accept this but the fact is, at that very moment, you trusted that person that is why you paid X amount to join the MLM company.  When you didn't make it, you said it is a scam.  Why you didn't make it, I'll come to that after.

"Joining an MLM business is like buying a medicine/remedy for yourself when you have a terminal illness.  "

Here's a scenario:  You've heard people saying that the "medicine" worked and someone was healed after taking this "medicine".  But when you tried and it doesn't work, will you call that medicine/remedy a scam?  You probably would.  But the truth is, at that point what you bought home was HOPE. A hope that you thought it could heal your terminal illness. 


I was in this MLM business for 3 years from 19-22 years old.  
It was a good 3 years, a combination of heaven and hell.  And when I say heaven, it means the fruits that I bear, but when I say hell, it means all the pain and sacrifices I made.

I made it, and I won't lie. Out of thousands that joined, there might be just 1 that made it.
Not because it IS a scam, it is because IT TAKES A WHOLE LOT OF YOUR EFFORT AND LIFE to be make it. All those successful MLM-er that are on top have made huge sacrifices that you probably wouldn't know, in order to make the business their top priority, you have to give it ALL. It is really NOT easy at all.   It was painful, tiring but the fruit was there for your to bear.  The fruits is just there, It's all up to you. 

This was the 1st month when I just started, and I was one of the "new member achiever".

I've mentioned in my DAYRE, I only graduated as a Diploma Student. 
I chose to work, I chose to continue doing what I was doing. 
Many would say it was a BAD decision, since I'm not doing MLM anymore right now but I NEVER REGRETTED A SINGLE BIT. 

I have a very very strict dad. So strict that all he gave me was tough love.
But I appreciate all that he have done for me and to be honest, my dad wanted me to continue my studies in Australia; even myself, was anticipating student life abroad! 

But still, I decided to work.
And until today, if I had a chance to choose all over again, I will still pick back the same road that I've went through.  Because I've gained SO MUCH experiences that no one could ever imagine.

From 19 to 20 years old, I managed to achieve more and here's a slide of myself that they always put up, before they invite me up for the sharing and motivational talk. 

This was my phone bill every month, haha. I don't even remember how could one person uses that much amount of phone credit. 

I made it as the top 5 achiever when I was 21 years old.

Hence the magazine feature.

Attended many talks and dinner,

Went on stage for many sharing sessions and motivational talks,

I even gotten myself a car when I was 21. 
Which I have already SOLD OFF after I left the business. 

Now this is what you want to know, why would I leave the business since I was doing well?
This was my face back then.
Haha this picture was included filters some more.
Can you imagine how bad my skin was?
I had a very terrible acne skin, it was painful and unbearable. 

then when my skin was slightly better, I became this FAT. 
Still fat now la but you get the point..

I left the business NOT because of my pimples and weight gained. 
But this is something you must know, in order to be successful, you go all the way out. 

I was working from 8AM till 3AM most of the days. Yes not everyday but most of the days. 
I would get scolding from my up-line every single moment if I hadn't complete my task.  
I don't blame my upper-line because it is all for my own good, I earn the money as well. 

But to be honest, I burned out. 
I lost the meaning of life.
All I had was just the thought of gaining more wealth and success, and I will admit it, loudly and bravely, I LOST MYSELF ALONG THE WAY. 

My priority was NOTHING but the business.
My priority was NOTHING but achievements.

and the truth was, I wasn't happy at all.

Please don't take this wrongly. 
NOT all MLMs are the same.  I've seen some MLM leaders that cope really well between their families and friends, like my up-up-upper line, he juggled so well and I was ashamed of myself.

But I believe everything happened for a reason, year 2013 was the year I went back to church.
Like a lost kid that finally found her way back home to her Father.
I now understand the meaning of life, and I know what I want to achieve in my life on this earth.
All the wealth in the business doesn't give me motivation to move on anymore and this is exactly why I left my MLM business.

But one thing for sure, the whole journey of MLM business has taught me SO MUCH that money can't buy.  Words can't express how thankful I am for this 3 years journey.  It was filled with so much pain and loves.  And until the day I die, I wouldn't forget all the lessons that I've learnt, because it is all these that contributed to who I am today.

For now, I'm just an employee working under a company.  Does that mean I lost all my dreams and vision? Nope. It just means I clearly know what I want to achieve, at this very point of my life, and all this glory goes to my Father above.

I want to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone that I've hurt in anyways previously. I wish for the best for any of you that is reading here. You know who you are. 

Last but not least,
Will I join anymore MLM business in the future?
I can't be certain of anything since I'm only 24 this year, but for now, definitely NO. Why?  Because as I mentioned earlier, I know what I want at this point of my life :)

Till then,


Tziaaa said...

I can agree more with you! How time flies, this post reminds me so much about that 3 years! Glad we are are good & better now! Hugs, adele! You are awesome! <3

Happy walker said...

wow, this is my 1st time visits, here, can't believe i read it all, just feel myself seems to be a loser now as a 25 year old guy when read your story, sigh..

(A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

cindy said...

nicely written! i totally agree with you! go ahead and make the best out of your life!do what makes you happy and stay gorgeous!

Anfieldyee said...

Hi Adele, this is my first time visit here. I enjoy reading this entry! I just want to say that I'm glad for you that you've found your way back to God! All the best in your future and may glory be to God! ^^

Adele Chow said...

@tziaaa : aww you know how much I love you and we have a whole life ahead of us <3

@happywalker : hey don't ever think that you're a loser! Because you're not! Just do what you do and you will be there :)

@cindytong : Thanks Cindy! Same goes to you! #YOLO

@Anfieldyee : Amen! You too thanks for your sweet and encouraging words :)