Monday, May 04, 2015

Hair Treatment @ Number 76, Publika

It's been such a long time since I last had a pampering sesh for myself.
Hectic working lifestyle, imbalance eating habits, and living in this buzzing city just make everything worst :(

I was really excited when I got invited by Sue Ann from the Number 76 team to get a treatment from the team in Publika! So THANK YOU once again Sue Ann if you're reading this! 

If you're a social media freak like me, I believe Number 76 style hair salon is no stranger to you. 
They've recently just opened another branch in Publika and I really love how they always have different theme for different outlet!

I've been to the Mont Kiara and Starhill branch - both have very different feel so as this branch!
This whole place has a very contemporary feel as the walls are all W H I T E in color.

"Life isn't about finding yourself, 
Life is about creating yourself"

Could really take some nice shots here teehee.

ALWAYS loved their cookie hahaha.

While waiting for Senior Stylist Fung :)
See that black thing on my left?  
That's a bag for us to put our handbags, always appreciate thoughtful gesture like this!

When the stylist saw my hair, immediately he said I need a hair fall treatment instead of scalp/hair treatment T_T

But ya la I would appreciate having this treatment too because I know my own shit yo.
The name of the treatment is called "Kerastase Stimulating Ritual" and it is very suitable for those with hair fall problems.  Do note that you will need at least 3-6 treatment to fully see results. 

Step 1: They actually scan your scalp and show you how's the condition of your hair/scalp but I will come to that later as you continue reading. 

Step 2:  They wash your hair with this Kerastase Shampoo.


Step 3: Next they will apply this on your scalp - full head yo :P

Step 4: Leave it for few minutes (any time ranged from 5-10 mins)

Step 5:  Wash and rinse your head, followed by this Stimuliste Treatment (all done at the basin) 

Step 6: BLOW DRY!!

Haha more picture cos I was feeling really happy by then! :)

Remember about my scalp?
The top picture:  Before treatment. Look at how clogged my hair pores are :(
The bottom picture:  After treatment. Pores and scalp are much cleaner! 

As I mentioned earlier, you need 3-6 times to fully see results because hair fall is serious problem!
Overall, I had a really good time and the whole treatment took only an hour, love the efficiency despite having such crowd on a Saturday. 

Thank you once again Number 76 and here's to cleaner scalp and better hair!

Feel free to find out more at :) 

Till then,

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