Tuesday, December 02, 2014

November Happenings

Hello!  Its 1st of December already, oh how time flies..  I have soooooo much to blog about from church to work to outings to thoughts to inspirations but I guess I shall sum up my November in this post incase I dragged again :(

I don't even know where should I start!
So many things happened last month it was one of the most hectic month I've ever had but I'm so happy, and so grateful with everything that happened in my life :)

I shall start with this!
Second time pledging in the house of God.
 CHCKL, my church my home. 
This is where my life was transformed, I sowed today so that we could save many more lives in the future.

Pastor came up with this really cool idea,"We are all part of a bigger picture" 
He painted a 6 feet long painting and we all have a portion of it once we have pledge. 

My lovely sisters in Christ.

Part of the media crew.
We were required to take pictures/videos of everyone but we too, not forgetting to pledge!

I really should come out with another blogpost about our 9th Arise&Build and the "A Thousand Portion" :)

Tried out this new place Quivo, Pavilion.

Had a quick catch up with my dear sister in this really cool restaurant, will blog about it soon!

It was #CHROMEHEARTORIGINS season in church!!
Which explains why am I always in church for the past weeks. Heh.


It was my first time serving in church production, and as TV crew as well.
Surely, it was one heck of an experience from late night rehearsals to strict timelines and due-dates.
This too, deserve a blog-post on its own.

Part of D9 members during #CHROMEHEARTORIGINS service!

With my CG leader, Leonard.

.. and my bestie, Jiashin.

Finally re-conducted our connect group, and now we are an official Cell Group! #D9 / no more #D20X

... although I still miss my D20 mother CG! :')

Thanks Kevin, our very own Yephim for hosting us in your new place!

I've been drinking lots and lots of coffee....

with many many awesome big breakkie....

catching up with people I love.....

with coffee and cakes again....

I've also attended a few parties for work/fun :D

Meet my awesome leader, Leonard Chua.

and my very pretty Samantha :)

hehehe with my fav girl, Alisa too!

MAKE IT BLACK event by Johnny Walker.

 With Alisa, Mel, Denise, Leo and Sam at the MIB Event.

Besides partying, I've also been working like a mad cow....

Handled a shoot by MonAmour.

Heeehe commercial break, take a selfie! 

Oh and I love Inside Scoop Ice-cream too :P

Heineken Sundown party with Tim, Tzia and Denise

Group photo with Darren, Choo, Cherrie, Foning, Povy, Tzia and Jenvine!

With the bloggers.

I've known this woman here for the longest time, so happy to see where she is right now through blogging.  
Keep it up, girl! 

Strongbow new flavor launch

Here for work but bumped into Elizabeth and Leo, again!

With Swan, Fons, Leo and Livi!

Really love the set up for the Strongbow event :)

Astro new HD Channel Launch.

A picture of Audrey with my #annoyingbff.

It was a fun night with the rest of the bloggers :)

I've also been eating a lot of nice food....

Especially my favourite Japanese....

.. because it's birthday celebration for my mama Anna

Actually there's more but I shall save it to blog each event in a more detailed format :)
Will be updating 3 blogpost by this week! #Imeanit

I can't believe it's already December, a part of me is anticipating the new year, but a part of me is really scared and fear as I know I am not halfway there to what I wanted to accomplish.
Nevertheless, God has been very gracious to me and I can't wait to enter the season of giving, the season of love, this December.  Christmas has always been my favorite month, let's pray for a good month to end our year 2014.

Till then,

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