Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Paris (1) x Arc De Triumph

Hihi I know many of you are asking about my Europe trip so I've decided to continue blogging about it, next up will be Paris!  If you followed me on Instagram you would know that Paris was one of my least favourite country among the rest.  I don't know is it because of the high expectation or is it because I was all alone during my first day -_-

Anyway so here it goes -

Took a plane (British Airways) from London to Paris which most of the people wouldn't, as it is more worth it to take a train - for scenery and money sake.

I wanted to arrive as soon as I can as I only had 2 days 1 night in Paris, lol.

I think I've visited too many airports within that 2 weeks of my life hah.

Typical plane-fie.
Travelling alone has been such a norm to me, haha #macamyes.

Touched down around 4PM local time (Paris is an hour faster than London), took a bus from the CDG Airport to the Arc De Triumph bus station as my hotel was just walking distance from the historical building.

Before I continue, I need to write this down so that I will not forget the feeling when I was alone in that bus.  It was such a long ride, I felt as if it was from Klang to KLIA then back to Klang again, no joke.  And everyone is Paris doesn't speak English (okay most of them don't) and they are plainly just rude and not helpful.  You have to understand that I've just departed from London and everyone in London was so nice T___T  So yea, I had culture shock when I arrive the Paris Airport.

Nevertheless, I made it.

I was so happy when I finally found our hotel(yes the room was booked for me and wanyee)!!

Hotel Mercure Paris is the name of this hotel if you're wondering.
I was all alone as Wanyee will only be arriving the next morning, so I quickly changed and head out as it was almost 6PM in the evening.

I was literally strolling around the alley from streets to street.
Many have told me to be careful with my belongings especially when you're in Paris!
So being the typical Malaysian, I held so close to my bag ahhahaa!  Better safe than sorry right?
My picture do look great don't they?  But some parts of the streets really doesn't look as good lol.

Oh did I mention that the weather was so hot?
It was approximately 25 degree Celsius and mind you, I was prepared for 10 degree and below!

The very famous Arc De Triump.
It was just 5 minutes walking distance from my hotel, and Champ Elysees was just one stretch away too.

It really didn't look very impressive but you know what, I will still take a selfie with it. hahaha

One thing you cannot deny is that the artwork is really finest to its detail, and this place was full with tourist la, why am I not surprise lol.

Sorry for the shameless selfies cos I was alone and I don't have a selfie stick and too shy to ask for rude Paris-ian for a picture.
The feeling of walking alone in a foreign country with no one understanding/trying to speak your language - it's just sad and tough.

Honestly at that moment I felt so lonely lol.
But thankfully I'm in the shopping street hehhee.

Nevertheless, the whole place is just so effortlessly beautiful. :')
The colors, the building... Hmm I wonder why wasn't I thick face enough to ask for some #OOTD shots hahaha.

Paris is really your shopping heaven.
All your branded stuff or not so branded stuff to even brands that you never heard of, they have it all.

Ok wait till I blog about the Galaries Lafayette (!!)

Why Malaysia don't have such beautiful street eyh?
Walking alongside this road make me feel like some actress acting in some HBO movie can.

But really, it's just picture worthy - people there don't even smile at you :( 
or.. maybe it's just my face problem la...

One thing I like about Paris is that they have all this individual stores from Kenzo to LV to Chanel to Longchamp to Sephora to Mont Blant - not just atas-atas brand but mid-ranged brands, they're all across the road!

Enough of walking alone, wanted to take the train to other station but it was SO TOUGH trying to understand the route and the words!!! They were all in french!  And NO ONE bother to answer your question too!   *angers*

So I just went back to a restaurant nearby the hotel.
Settled down at Le GENERAL because they have wifi, lol.

One thing that I realized is that every restaurant they put you facing the road, like how you're sitted in the cinema facing the screen? This, you face the road.  EVERYONE DOES THAT lol I felt weird initially but I got over it, eventually.

Wasn't feeling too good after all the rude/cold faces hence I decided to go with this.
How bad could a burger be? Posted this up on Facebook and gotten comments like "who eats burger when you're paris?" - WHICH IS TRUE.

Maybe I was just having post London depression, haha.

If you spot clear enough, you can see people on my left are all sitted in a row, facing the road hahaha!
So everyone that pass by us are like a movie-show! -_-

Slowly, the sky turns blue.. and then black.

I was just sitting alone facing this view for almost an hour before I decided to go back to my hotel.
Honestly, I wouldn't say I kicked-start my first day in Paris super awesomely but I'm glad I enjoyed the alone time I had :)

Till the next Paris post,
which I got lost and almost lost my way back,



Toto Kho said...

Awwww, lovely scenery! Bring me along next time, i can take OOTD shoot for you :D

Adele Chow said...

@Toto: Haha I wish to bring you along la your pictures so nice can! You bring me to Taiwan first :P