Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Magnum Cafe, Kuala Lumpur (in Midvalley)

Yay I guess everyone heard about this new cafe/dessert place in town - The Magnum Cafe, Kuala Lumpur! :D 

I've seen images on Facebook saying how nice and packed the place is and as a dessert/chocolate lover, I could not resist myself from giving this place a go!  Wanted to go on the weekends but my friends told me the queue was more than 30 mins -_-

Decided to check this place out yesterday, on a Monday night!
It was dinner time fyi, approximately 7PM or so?  I thought everyone will be having their dinner but I was wrong -_- The queue was long but it was still bearable!

I've been a lover of Magnum ice-cream so this place definitely caught my attention!

You can actually just walk in and you will be served if you're ordering the Magnum Customized dessert but most of the people here are lining up to get the normal Magnum Ice-cream only. 

You queue and queue...

Select your Magnum Ice-cream from Sweet Fantasy to Cookie Monster,

  but you can also choose to CUSTOMIZE your own Magnum by selecting your toppings :) 
Same price, RM9.90.

They have many types of toppings from Marshmallow, Dried Mango, Gold Nuggets, Oreos, Chocolate chips.. and even Chili Flakes! :O

Then you can proceed with choosing your own chocolate dip - White, Milk or Dark Chocolate.
 This is only applicable if you selected the CUSTOMIZED Magnum. 

I picked the Cookie Monster, so I don't get to select the toppings and Chocolate;
while Make My Magnum is the one where you can customize your own Magnum.

What a beautiful painting, heh.

This is Fons' Make My Magnum - RM9.90
She picked Marshmellow, Cookies and Almond slices. 

My pick - Cookie Monster RM9.90
My ice-cream: Classic Vanilla
Chocolate: Dark
Toppings: Crushed Oreo, White and Dark Crunch Pearls with the White drizzle sauce!

Almost the same lah our picks hehehe.

Hehe, camera eats first! :P

The size of the Magnum Ice-cream is quite small though but it is definitely good enough cos anything bigger than this is too sweet already!

Nevertheless, I will definitely visit again because I want to try their customized dessert, I saw one is Magnum in a jar and Magnum with Red Velvet cake or something... Hehehe JUST TAKE MY MONEHHHH, MAGNUM KL!

Magnum Cafe
T-023, 3rd floor (nearby GSC Cinemas)
Sunday - Thurs: 10AM - 10PM
Friday & Saturday: 10AM - 12AM

Till then,


Anonymous said...

Blogwalking sambil baca entri. :)

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nora razalli said...

camare before eat :)
yummy2!! ^__^

Nour Leeman said...

Looks yummy adele!..i cant wait for my gold nuggets..hehe..nice writing dear :-)

eelobor said...

tq....blogwalking sambil2 mencari harga magnum. agak berbaloi dan boleh di cuba

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