Monday, November 17, 2014

Brunch in Metal Box, Empire Damansara

Just realized it's been so long since my last update!
I've been so busy with #ChromeheartOrigins rehearsals for the past 2 weeks and it has finally come to an end, today.  Well I will get to that next time, for now I need to share with you this recent brunch place that everyone has been talking about! 

Honeyhouse girls are back in town so I suggested to have our girly time(you mean photo-taking time?) in Metal Box, Empire Damansara.  I tell you ah it is so hard to gather all of us together! T__T  By saying that, just realized Tiff is leaving Malaysia in 2 days, and Jia Shin is leaving in 3 days.... while Sher is still not back in town yet!! Grrr you get what I mean now? T__T

To be able to gather us together is such a luxury :')

My precious girlfriends *loves*
(missing Wan that is in UK right now)

We arrived around 11.30AM and it was really packed, the place was full-house and we were on waiting list for almost 30mins.  Perhaps it was a Saturday?  Or maybe because everyone knows the chef is also from The Red Bean Bag? :D

Look at that queue! 

We didn't want to wait in the line so we left our names on the waiting list and we went walking around in the Empire Damansara building since it was the girls' first time here....

We found a spot.... 






we could.....
Take a selfie! 
Actually we spammed like a million pics but showing you one here will do hehehe :D 
The amount of time we stood there and took pictures was sufficient enough until our table is ready! 

The girls wanted the outdoor seats.... for better lighting purposes! Hahahaa..

Metal Box, literally. 
*oops did you spot my table with the girls already?*

The Menu

Shermaine is always a lover of baked eggs.
Metal Box Baked Egg - RM18.90

Tiff's pick - Hemmingway RM17.90
Poached eggs with croissant, not a bad combination huh? :P

Jia Shin's ....

.... and I both picked The Metal Breakfast RM20.90
I'm a big lover for big breakfast and all I could say is the portion here is huge, slightly above than average big breakfast!

Hahaha all cannot eat, because the camere has to eat first! 

Really don't mind doing this again and again, look at the table - isn't it so colorful? 
Looking at it now makes me happy! (and, hungry lah)

Introducing my sayang sayang sayang! 

and the ever so smart tiffy!

Love you to the moon and back!

and my bestie Jiashin, who is too shy to take a picture with me.... NOT.
"Post a ghost face faster faster.." and there she goes, looking up on the air. 

We always tell each other, 
"are we dressing up?"
"wanna take picture ah?"
"no lar dowan la if dress up means cannot talk already"

I had such a wonderful time with my favourite ladies, as we are now so caught up with our own path, I'm just so glad that we still put in effort to meet once in a while to catch up(and take pictures hahaha).  
We had such a great noon together, with some super crazy conversations too, oops! :X

Metal Box Restaurant & Cafe
G12, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana
(Same row with Tous Les Jours)

Looking forward to many more brunch date to come!

Till then,

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