Friday, August 01, 2014

Are you a BEACH or a CITY person?

Currently in Pearl's house waiting for cell group to start, heh doing testimony challenge today so kinda nervous but yeah... 

Anyway, just decided to do a quick post before the rest come because today I was so inspired to blog about this as we had a discussion on this topic earlier.  As my blog title says it all, "Are you a BEACH or a CITY person?"

I'm definitely a CITY person.
I love hectic lifestyles.
I love observing movements.
I love city lights, buildings and the culture. 

Don't get me wrong, I do love beaches, sun and sea too!
Well look at this!
Its a picture of Maldives taken from google!  
I would die to be there :D 

But my point is, can you live on the beach like say a month? 2 months? or more?
Today my colleagues was just saying that they CAN live/stay on a beach, without wifi or phone line somemore. WOW, I truly cant.

I believe in self-healing and having solitude moment from time to time, probably 1-2 times in a year?
Cos we all need that okay if not forever hectic you be burned out and KO already. 
But, living on a beach? Nay.... I will get bored if you put me in the beach for more than 1 week, lol. 

NYC is my dream place to be. 
I love cities, big big cities.
So I could just get lost in it and be a part of it, feeling it. 

I also believe that there are seasons in each of our lives, and WE ONLY LIVE YOUNG ONCE.
Well you have your whole life to settle down and live in a slower pace, right right?  You can't put me in a beach for too long really, I will feel useless. 
Haha I can't stay blank for too long, I love busy lifestyles; not all the time, but most of the time. 

That's the reason why most of my friend sees me as a "social person/always-busy person".
The fact is not that I have super a lot of friends or agenda, the fact is that I LOVE UTILIZING EVERY MINUTE I HAVE.  I kinda have this mindset that "sleep is for the weak?"  Cos you won't know who you will be meeting out there the next minute, so we should explore the world more and more each day!  

There will come a point in your life when you're older, probably late 20s?
When you have more commitments, your family needs you more than ever, you have to settle down in terms of career and plan for next stage of your finances?

By then, visiting these beautiful clear seas and enjoying your sun tanned would be awesome :)

For now, let me just YOLO and visit more and more cities.
Can't wait to visit London already. :D

I'm a CITY person, what about you?

Share with me okay!!
Just curious of how many of you are like me out there?

Till then,


Yi Jing said...

I'm a city person, too! :D hahaha You're going to London? OMG I'm planning to go soon too :p hahah

Yi Jing said...

I'm a city person, too! :D hahaha You're going to London? OMG I'm planning to go soon too :p hahah