Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beauty filled with gorgeous glam Bloggers Night Out

Fuh, life has been so hectic lately from official to personal work to church commitments, family time and also friends catching up session.  I rarely have time to sit down infront of my lappie and blog.  So many pending blogpost to be up I better get all these done before the memories start to fail. #failblogger #notfamousanyway #sonevermind 

It's the last day of our long weekend and I had great time with all my friends utilizing every single moment to hang out and catch up with each other's lives.  Truly amazing but tiring in a way too :)  So I declared today as my self-heal day and really have to settle down some stuff before the working life comes back by tomorrow. Hope all of you had a great time travelling or resting :)

So it was ME Clinic's "Beauty Filled with Gorgeous Glam Bloggers Night Out" few weeks back. 

As usual, I went with my #annoyingbff (which is really pretty but seriously annoying hahah)

The event was held in none other than the clinic itself, in Times Square.  
It was beautifully decorated with balloons and... 

... food
We had macaroons to pies and tarts, not forgetting red wine too :)  
Thanks for being so generous with us!

We then proceed to get our make-up done by Amber Chia Academy. 

The make up was so thick but I guess it looks okay infront of the cams though.

Then we proceed with our hair-do by Secolo Hairdressing.

I don't usually curl my hair because I've always loved my straight hair but since the stylist said it would look good on me, so why not? :)

The end results of sitting in for 2 hours. 
Can't stand having such thick make up on me -___-  
Now I really respect models especially runway models, I'm sure its not easy. 

Spotted this silly girl in the washroom getting ready. 

With some of the pretty bloggers who just got their make and hair done.
Cookielu, Shinilola and Vickybobo :)

My lady friend, Kittieyiyi that I've known for more than 8 years, simply never change.  
Always so 38 and that's why we clicked so well. Haha!

More pretty ladies!

8 of us bloggers :)

Tziaaa, myself, Kelly, Chency, Shinilola, Chanwon, Vicky and Kittie. 

Basically blogger events like this are more like an opportunity for us to snap snap and snap pictures.
What more when we have our hair and make-up professionally done by a 3rd party. Hahaha.

Me and Tziaaa with the ME Clinic sweet hearts.
You really gotta love their service, top notch!

Finally able to meet this sweetheart in person. 
She's definitely one hardworking blogger! 

After a whole lots of photo sessions, it was time for the sharing session.
We sat in a round circle and start sharing what treatment did we went for, and how we felt about it.
It was great to witness how a single treatment is able to boost up our confidence. :) 

I understand that outlook isn't everything in this world, and we are worth more than just a pretty face;  but nowadays in the current society if you look slightly presentable, it helps in whatever you're doing as well.  That's the fact, embrace it people!  Oh well ~ 

Thank you ME Clinic for having me to witness this beauty and aesthetic value of every woman. Truly appreciate it!

Personally wanna extend heartfelt thanks to Celeste, the sweetest manager of ME Clinic.
Thanks for all your tenderness caring towards me throughout the whole process during and after treatment. 
You and your team are too nice T____T

A group picture with all the pretty ladies of the night. 

It was such a great night with photos flashing and chitty-chats going around among us girls. 
Great experience!

Before you leave this page, I've GOOD NEWS for all of you!

If any of you decided to go for consultation, mention "Adele Chow" and you'll get a FREE consultation!

Besides that, I'm also giving away x10 RM200 worth of vouchers from ME Clinic Times Square.  All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me which feature of your face would you like to enhance, and why?

That's it! 
Remember to leave me your email too ya! 

Till then,


Laura said...

Waaa what kind of treatments do they have? :O

Adele Chow said...

@Laura: Haha anything you want la. As in which part of your face you feel like fixing lol

Amira Alando said...

Babe, I wanna do my dark eye circles.
Reason: because I have low confidence when I didn't put concealer on my eye bags. I just wanna feel confident again without any make up on. So can u have the voucher now? Haha. ☺️

Anonymous said...

My jawline because I want to look slimmer in pictures.
Email: hengjia87@hotmail.com

Beatrice said...

Hi adele! Remember me? Beatrice from melbourne , do I qualify if I'm going back next year? HAHAHAH. I want to do my eyes because I've always wanted double eyelids!! X

Anonymous said...

I would like to enhance my eyes because I wish that i can save more time in making up and in putting on my double eyelid tape whenever i go out. Besides, my double eyelid tape is always visible and it makes my eyes not natural at all. My email is shuyi_smile@hotmail.com

Unknown said...

Would like to fix my eyes.
I was quite satisfied with my eyes till my friends and my own mom laughed at me, for having small eyes and flat nose.
'Where did you get those features from? I'm sure your dad and I have better features.'
This hurts my pride and I want to look good, just like others.

Unknown said...

Would like to fix my eyes.
I was quite satisfied with my eyes till:
Mom:'Where did you get those features from? I'm sure your dad and I have better features than that.'
This hurts my pride and I want to look good, just like others.
I think with better looking eyes, it will help in making my flat nose less obvious.

Ah Lingg said...

HI Adele !

I saw your DST eyelid and it really looks great on you! :)

And for your question, i would like to enhance my eyes, i personally have tapered eyelid but i would prefer a parallel eyelid as parallel will actually enhance my eyes. They said eyes are the window to your soul! I wish to have more awake & beautiful pair of eyes. :)

Thank you <3

Email : ee_linq13@hotmail.com

eileenlaii said...

Hello Adele!

After both of me and my bestie read thru your blog post, we would like to gv a try on fixing our nose. Hehe. It's just way too flat.

Hope to hear from you soon.