Friday, August 01, 2014

2014 Birthday (1) - Zouk KL

Finally had the time to start blogging about my birthday celebration(s)! 

It's been so long since I last dress up, 
since I last put on a full make-up,
since I last head out to party especially going to a club!

But since it was my birthday... hahaha do it all!

It wasn't my actual birthday that night but me and Max (a friend that is only ONE day younger than me) decided to head to Zouk for fun since its been a long time all of us gathered together and just party.  I didn't ask everyone though cos I didn't want it to be like a "birthday party" kinda thing, so only a few of my closest girlfriends around town was there to join me :)

Birthdays are always such a good excuse to go out and have some crazy fun. LOL
But I guess as age goes by, the ideal birthday just isn't about FUN anymore.

Jiashin, myself and Rachel at the entrance.
We all wore black coincidentally! 

Then Stephy and Tzia joined us! 
(Girls in black.... hahahah)

I honestly don't remember the last time I went to Zouk, probably 1 year or 2 ago? 
So we actually went in around 11PM and the whole place was empty! 
Hahaha who goes to a club before 12???  I remember we used to enter clubs after 1AM last time -____-

So we took the opportunity to selfie! 
The mandatory toilet-selfie with my homie 

(I'm gonna spam this post with lots of useless vain photos reason being is because I want to keep these as a part of my 23rd birthday memories lah, so bare with me ok.)

This #annoyingbff that needs no introduction.
I don't know since when we started calling each other this name but I guess when we are both together, we really annoy the shit outta ourselves hahaha I guess this name is too relevant LOL. 

My girls of the night 

To be honest, we were taking picture nonstop the moment we were in. 
 Honestly I don't remember doing stuff like this as much back then in my younger party days, but I guess nowadays we are all so eaten up by the social media world we just have to capture the beauty of everything even though some of it might not be true. how sad right?

And I realized we don't drink hard liquor as much anymore. 
We girls prefer our long island tea yo. :p
(Can you believe this? Drinking also need to take picture??? What kinda world we are in now man?)
(Yes I'm referring to myself as well -_-)

I'm happy that once in a while, we do gather together and party because now what we would prefer is definitely heading to a bar, just chill and talk to each other without the need of putting a whole KGs of powder on the face with 5 inches heels.  It's true that we all changed when times goes by..  Cant wait to hear from a 30 year old Adele soon. lol.

Honestly Im thankful because I didn't go wasted at all that night hahaha.
If its the younger days, I think I will be carried out by end of the night already. 
I guess our mindset and maturity level isn't the same anymore, which is a good thing of course! :)

But one thing that I realized is the camera flash.
It's everywhere

Yes I admit we took lots of picture that night at our table but even when we were on our way to Velvet, or the washroom, camera flash were everywhere.  I don't remember the clubs last time being THIS way. 
Its kinda sad knowing the fact that people nowadays dress up, go to a place be it anywhere, just to take pictures and post it up online instead of being IN that moment itself.

I guess sooner or later we all just forget to live in the moment as we are all so busy doing LIVE updates of our lives.  This is also a good reminder for myself that I won't want to be sucked up by the social media world till a point that I lost the uniqueness to enjoy every current moments. #notetoself

So happy to bumped into Karen and her bf too.

Hee I don't remember posing for this picture but I think it is post worthy la.

With Sim and Aaron, the 47500 gang. (ya subang people yo)

Of course Jess and Stephy along with Max, my ONE day younger brother hahaha.

This bunch is really ONE crazy bunch. 
Haha I can't cope up with their level of energy anymore.

More pictures with Karen and Amanda :)

Club used to be a place where I see most of the familiar faces but now when I get to see someone I know, I feel accomplished cos I don't even head to clubs once a year hahaha. 

Overall, it was a great night. 
Although none of us went to the dance floor, none of us were wasted, it was still a good night. 
But it was really exhausting

Reach home have to remove make-up, wash my hair before I sleep somemore!  Now I wonder how did I did that back then when I was 18?  I used to party so much it was scary. Lol you can just check out my old blogpost it was all about clubbings, no not proud but it was a part of my life that I couldn't go back anymore.  Good or bad, its all in my memory album. :)

Thank you R for being there with me as well. 
Although he's outta my life now but I decided to post this picture cos its post worthy anyway. 
Since he WAS part of the picture, back then. :)

If you were to ask me when's the next time I would consider going to a club, that would probably be someone's birthday or special occasions; normal days?  PLEASE DON'T. 
Party one day, I need 2 days to rejuvenate. hahaha yes it is THAT bad. 

2nd part of my celebration will be next :)

Till then,

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