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2014 birthday (2) - Surprise at NeroVivo, KL!

It's 12.02AM on a Sunday and I have to be awake by 8AM tomorrow but here I am typing away because I have too many scheduled post to be up soon so let's not delay my most important blogpost of the year, hehe!

I remember it was Sunday (13th July), Tzia (my #annoyingbff) told me she will be bringing me, just the both of us since she had always failed to surprise me so she told me she rather just bring me out for a date kinda dinner, and I totally agreed to it!  In fact, I was more than happy because its been so long since I last had a quite time out just with her alone.   She picked me up around 730pm, and told me we were heading down town.  I was happy lah of course cos she seldom fetch me okay? -___-  I'm the one who's always her personal driver.  So indeed I felt special that night :')

She brought me to NeroVivo, Changkat. 
I was so mesmerized by the beauty of that place thinking "wah this tziaaa not bad ah so romantic one hahaha" then once I enter the restaurant I was still busy looking around, and TA-DA!! 

I saw a whole bunch of lovelies infront of the table holding a birthday cake while singing me a birthday song! 


Hahaha, this bunch really caught me off guard this time.
People rarely can surprise me cos usually I'm always the organizer that comes out with all sorts of ideas when it comes to birthday surprises.  Really gotta give it up to my #annoyingbff and R for their excessive planning!  So, so, blessed :')

Posing with my birthday cake, look at those lovely candles! 

What a beautiful set up by the restaurant :)

So happy I need to snap more pictures before the feeling goes away...

Honestly, I wasn't expecting any birthday surprise at all but coming from this silly #annoyingbff that always failed in surprises because she's so blur, makes this whole surprise much meaningful to me. 

Thank YOU, especially R too. 

Another year has passed, I'm officially 23 years old! 

I wish for nothing but God's grace upon my life, leading me to the path He wants me to be.
I wish for my family's happiness and safety with good health,
I wish everyone around me to be granted with the desires of their hearts as well. 

Some of my favourite girls!

Jia Shin, the one who has the kindness heart, 

and Sally who has always been my baby sister! 
 (#annoyingbff no need say already la you can refer the picture above hahahah :p)

Leonard, my mentor in Christ and the one who was with me in my turning point in life,
R, the one and only person that I've accepted into my life previously,
and Jordan, hehe the always so kind-hearted one. 

First groupie before the rest came!

A toast to myself!
Happy birthday to me :)

Thanks once again, Tziaaa and R for the effort of putting this together :)

Complimentary bread and olive oil. 
Definitely the best!  (I'm such a carbs person -__-)

Salmone Alla Griglia RM65 
Basically its grilled salmon, I didn't get to try this but the said it was good!

Filetto Di Manzo RM105
My pick! Its my fav pan-seared beef tenderloin, yums!  
The roasted potatoes was great as well.

Sally's Ravioli 
(Sorry I'm too lazy to find the name of the dish already)

Some chicken chop thingy

Penne Al Forno RM36
Some vegetarian cheese thingy which I didn't try as well but it looks good to me? hahahaha

Caprese RM30
Nah I think I can prepare a better pizza. Or Domino's. 
Better don't take this when you're there. 

Rachel's Chocolate fondant cake with Vanila Ice-cream

Overall the food and ambience of the place was great! (Or was I just too happy that night? hehehe. Idk :p)

When everyone is done with eating, then its time for more selfies! :p

Then the whole photo taking session begins!
Me and my bby sister, Sally.
Always SO kind, SO selfless, definitely a keeper :)

 Jiashin, my bestie since we were in our 15s,

we both been through SO much together, 9 years and counting :')

and this #annoyingbff of mine that needs no introduction,

thanks for ALWAYS being there, despite the good and bad times, your presence is already good enough to me :)

Last but not least, my big sister. 

Rachel, that's always so generous to me. 
She taught me so much during my younger days, and I'm so glad nothing changes our bond despite how our lifestyle has changed since our party times.  Thanks for growing up with me sis. 

My girls of the night.
Not forgetting Suki and Kent that came all the way just to join us, the both of them that played a huge roll in my life previously; sincerely appreciate it! 

Jiashin left earlier so she's not in the groupie :(
But here's to each and everyone of you, THANK YOU for making a point to come together, to spend unnecessary expensive food and wine, just to be a part of this whole surprise birthday party.  Words couldn't describe how thankful I am to have all of you.  Regardless of who was the mastermind, its the thought that matters, and I'm truly deeply grateful and happy :) 

Went for another round of drinks in Pinchos since we were only a few steps away, had a chilling night chatting along.  At this place that brought back so much memories, the place where we first started hanging out, the place where we were together when you broke down.. oh how time flies ~

Although the night ended pretty badly, I was in a very bad shape, but I will not jot this down because I don't want to remember what happened.  In my mind, my 23rd birthday is still a beautiful one because of the effort and the thought that counts.  Still want to thank you, R;  for all that you've done for me.  It has been a great journey with you. :)

Always counting my blessings, always

Till then,

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Twas a fun night. Beautiful celebration