Thursday, June 05, 2014

What is success to you?

You know I actually have a scheduled food post to update already but I thought instead of just regularly updating my blog about the restaurant I went, today I want to recap these thoughts on my head before I forget.

Success is subjective.

What is success to you?

I'm blessed because I was well educated about financial plannings and economic crisis in the society when I was in my previous company.  I was taught to be rich when you're young and achieve financial freedom before your 30's.  And that's nothing wrong with that.  In fact, it was a very motivating thought to wake up to every morning and that positivity vibe did helped to push me to an extend of my capability which I never thought I had.

What is success to you?  Is it really money? Is it career progression? Is it the passion that you're dealing with? Is it just doing something you love? Or Is it the lives you impacted?

No matter what your answers are, that's it.
There is no right or wrong to that question because we are our own creator of our future. We hold the key to our life and we will be the one shaping our future from the things we are doing at this moment. And that leads to my next thought, Are you doing something that will benefit your future self?

For me, success is doing something you really love and passionate about without needing anyone to remind you or push you. It is building relationships, and changing lives - slowly but surely.

I want to change lives, I want to impact the society by doing things I love.  It might take time but start now, there's always tomorrow if you don't take action today.

Of course, I would love to archive financial stability and that's why I'm giving myself a few years time to equip myself with the knowledge or skills that I need.  The lesson I'm reminding myself today is, take baby steps, but always know our own goals and dreams.

Live today, but always plan for tomorrow.

I tell myself, yes I want to be rich, because in this society, mostly everything is associate with money.
If you want to help the poor, if you want to bless others, first you will need to be able to support yourself.

I believe in hard work, I believe in believing my dreams, I also believe in embracing the moment.
No matter what stages you are in right now, never give up, never lose hope.

The power of hope, ONE person can change the world by giving people HOPE.

I came across this graduation speech and it gave me a reminder towards what I'm doing too.

He says, you can change the world by starting to change ONE person's life. 
And HOW would you do it?

A few keynote that really impacted me through this video and there are few things I want to write down and make it a #NOTETOSELF:

1.  The little things in life DO matter.
He gave an example of doing your bed every morning.  If you can't even make your bed forget about going out and change the world - good point. 

2. You can't change the world ALONE, you need someone to help you paddle.
That's right. That is why it is important to identity the people around you, and if you're lucky to have a mentor, appreciate it and DO NOT waste time anymore. But remember, don't take advantage of anyone because life is a circle, treat others like how you want other to do to you.

3. Size of your heart, not size of your feet.
Sometimes it looks like it is so hard, like it is impossible to achieve with what you have in hand right now.  But constantly remember, its the HEART that matters. 

4. Sometimes no matter how well you perform, you just can’t get everything right. Get over being a sugar cookie and keep moving forward. 
You can't please everyone, this is life.  Stop being upset over people or things you can't change, MOVE MOVE MOVE FORWARD.

5. You must be your very best even in your darkest moment. 

and the last one which I shared earlier, is to give someone hope.

I'm still very far from my dreams, but I'm starting, not tomorrow, not later but now. 
 Because we really only have ONE life on this earth, don't waste it, don't let it stray away just like that. 

Keep dreaming,
keep planning,
keep believing.

4th June 2014

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Leonard said...

that's a pretty cool post right there. :) Go Change the world Dele!