Thursday, June 05, 2014

Every woman's favorite - High Heels!

I guess my title of the blog post says it all....


I don't know about you but I guess almost every girl has an obsession towards shoes especially high heels. (right?!!) You are not completely dressed without a smile, uh yes and a perfect heels please. Sometimes I have to admit that there are days when I just feel like being casual but not too shabby, trust me just put on any heels and it will instantly change your whole look!

A plain blue dress paired with a maroon heels! 

... or just hanging out on a chilling weekend with a pair of comfy wedges!

Thanks to Zalora, I can now shop for my heels online without the need of heading to a few different malls just to check out my favourite brands like Nine West that's in Pavilion, or Melissa that's in One Utama!

Lovin' their size guide only that features different countries like EU, UK, US or even Malaysia! 
Oh come on some retail stores don't even know about these sizing! 

Really love this Steve Madden design and it's even on 50% off!
So tempted..... 

One shall not have too many high heels...
A pair of Aldo's nude heels is a must for every woman!

Bored of your usual neutral colors?
Spice up your outfit with these bright Ocaria Pumps!

That's right girls.
Go conquer your world now! Start looking for your perfect heels :)

Have fun shopping,

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