Thursday, June 12, 2014

Weekday food -- Namoo On The Park // Ichiban Boshi // TGIF

Phew, its 11th of June 2014, HALF A YEAR HAS GONE. 

I'm currently sitting infront of the lappie just done doing some transfers here and there for my bills.  Every month I have to pay for my car loan, phone bills, credit card bills, then church tithes and pledges, savings and allocate some of entertainment.  Life as an adult isn't quite awesome isn't it?  

But you know what's the most valuable things that you and I have? No its not money not houses not food but TIME.  God is fair so he gave all of us 24 hours each day.  From your favourite Justin Bieber or even Bill Gates they are equally "RICH" as us because we all have the same hours a day.   The only difference is they have a whole team under them working for them which makes them own their own 24 hours to themselves.  Hmm do you get what I mean?  Ah nvm.

You know ever since I started working, I basically have no time at all.  When I say no time it means my time flew by so quickly on a daily basis I don't even remember what was I doing a minute ago.  Now I truly understand, the term "employee-life".  Honestly?  I'm not regretting a single bit of my life now, because it actually helps to shape your attitude and forces you to come out with a list of priorities.  When you are left with so little of your personal time (since most of the time you're tied up with work), you will realized what you really want to do, what your passions are and what are your inner-self  is telling you. 

I've came across a point of my life where I'm basically just wasting time.  Hey do understand when I say "wasting time", it doesn't mean I'm just sleeping at home doing nothing, but I was having zero direction in life, and zero thoughts to self-improvements.   I casually just plan my daily routines - eat, sleep, coffee, selfie. (wow it rhymes) Yes I'm not gonna lie we all (especially girls) take selfie pretty often, and then upload it on Instagram, and then wonder how many likes we will get for that photo.  I DO THAT ALL THE TIME so don't get me wrong, I'm not discriminating yo. 

But slowly you realized there's NO MEANING to that life AT ALL.
Everyday you wake up, do what you're suppose to do, and then the cycle repeats. 

Thank God I woke up from my "wasting-time" moments.  Well physically, my life is still the same.  I work from 9am tp 6pm daily.  Sleeps at 12AM every night tentatively and then wakes up at 7AM the next day for work.  But the difference is, I do make effort to THINK, to PLAN, to further my next plan - instead of just blinding doing what I'm doing.  

And this will lead to my next point, 
when your time is so precious, you learn how to go beyond your comfort level and try to get things done although it is quite tiring mentally.  I guess this is just a part of growing up?  When I'm driving I like to listen to my worship songs, pray to Jesus, and also think about my TO DO LIST.  I do that all the time thats why my friends always say I'm a dangerous driver cos I do press my phone when I'm driving -_- 

So yeah, let's all continue moving forward in life;  Success is not measured by MONEY, it is measured by your own definition.  To me, my current #notetoself is to constantly learn, because I'm at this age (still young lah can?) I want to be able to maximize my potential before its too late. (you know when you get older you have more commitments and the list goes on.....)

Ahhh well sorry for always spamming you guys with this kinda post I guess I just like rereading them for my own references. HEHHEHE.

Ok sorry ah this post is suppose to be food one paiseh so time for some food pictures!

I've always wanted to try out this place but no time and I rarely go to Publika, so that day before meeting I quickly grab a bite before it :)

Before makan must Insta/FB check in first lol.

Such cozy corner :)

Their signature Beef Rice Burger RM21.90

Beef Bibimbab RM19.90

Overall it was a great dining experience I will definitely come back for more :)

Namoo On the Park 
 Publika Lot 4A, 
Level G3, Solaris Dutamas, 
50480 KL


I ordered a Sashimi set to share with Michelle RM34.90 (if I'm not mistaken)

Livian and Xingyi's beef set which tasted heavenly! 

The beef set eaters lol.

The sashimi set eaters LOLOLOL.

I think it was the first time I actually had lunch with over 40 of us together in a restaurant.
Hahaha win liao lor.

Ichiban Boshi
Pavilion KL


It was a Friday night after work, headed to Pavilion for some good dins.
Tried Tom, Dick and Harry chicken chop - nah not worth it at all :/

Greedy us actually went for second round or we self claimed as "dinner" 
(because the chicken chop was only starter hahaha) at TGI Fridays.

Cheddar Cheese Potato
 Nyums so yums! 

Tennessee Burger 
 I don't remember how much is it but it tasted SOOOO GOOD I actually wanted to order one more :O

New York Strip
Woah I don't usually take beef but its so worth it lah. hahahha

Thanks for the dinner, bye bye. 

Till then,

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