Friday, March 21, 2014

Mon Amour Snail Mucin Collagen Gel Mask

Hi guys!  Recently the weather in Malaysia is just so bad regardless of its scorching sun or the smelly haze, its important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water but please, girls especially, don't forget to protect your skin and keep em' hydrated as well. 

I consider myself as one lazy girl that doesn't protect my skin very well. I hate applying sun block I hate applying make up I'm just to lazy to bother.  But I know "世界没有丑女人,只有懒女人" haha and its scares me even more when I've heard people telling me about how your face/skin will aged when you hit your 30's.  T__T  I guess its time to really protect and pamper my skin a little before its too late.  BUT......  If you want me to apply different bottles of liquids following steps from A-Z I will give up eventually. 

Just recently Mon Amour gave me a bottle of this snail collagen gel mask and I've decided to try it out! I've been using it for a while and surprisingly I can see some difference of my face already! 

What is this Snail Mucin Extract?
Snail Mucin Extract is a complex blend of proteins, glycolic acids, collagen and elastin. 
The extract is renowned for its regenerative properties, and facilitates the restoration of damaged tissue and replenish moisture in skin.  It is also effective in treating acne and scarring. 

In short, it is like a toner + moisturizer + collagen = GEL MASK.   
(Its 3 in 1 package good lah for lazy people like me! haha!) 

This product is Asia's first 100% natural ingredients with Snail Mucin extract and collagen and the product is originally from france.  

There is NO drugs contained, suitable for all types of skin, it helps in anti-aging and anti-wrinkles, skin regeneration, whitening and moisturizing! 

They also have a whole range of other products but I shall come to that some other day. 

Ok back to my Snail Mucin Collagen Gel Mask!
All you have to do is:

1. Throughly clean and dry your face before applying it(and remember to apply it evenly)!
2. Lie back and relax for 30 mins after applying the collagen mask
3. Remove the gel with water 
4. Cream or lotion can be followed if desired (pls do so if youre hardworking lol) 

Oh!  You can also create your own cool facial spa treatment by refrigerating the gel until its ready to use;  OR you can also try the warm facial spa treatment by placing the gel in warm water for 2-3 minutes prior to opening. 

I love how this gel mask makes me feel like I've washed my face 10 times cos my skin feels so healthy after applying it :)

I personally find it quite amazing and it is really selling in a reasonable price!  
It is always good to try out new things especially when it comes to skin care products, because you will never know until you tried it out yourself :)

Girls, lets love our skin more because our skin deserves the best! 

For more information, check out their WEBSITE, their FACEBOOK or follow them on Instagram(@monamourskincare)!

Till then,

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