Saturday, March 22, 2014

22nd Birthday (In a nut shell)

Its been so long since my 22nd birthday and yet I have not complete my birthday post!  Grrrr I guess I've been procrastinating too long because I don't remember drafting all the pictures here already so now I'm gonna do it!  Btw I'm currently at Genting Starbucks now in the middle of compiling my work proposal but its good to take a short break hehehe... so... here I am :D

Ok so, my 22nd birthday was nothing big but it is my first celebration that is slightly different. 
Or perhaps everything that matters seems different on that year, well I don't really know. 

I want to jot down every single thing that happened on my birthday because my blog is my online journal and I want this place to be a place where I can remember the little details in my life :')

So I was in Pavilion with Rachel for some light bites after we finished our high tea in ONESIXFIVE. 

Read full post HERE

Then I went for my birthday dinner at Leonardo's, Bangsar. 
It was my first time there and I loved that place! 

Smoked Salmon Blini (RM25) as our starter and it tasted great, I guess its important to serve fresh sashimi related dishes. 

Leo's Famous Pork Knuckle Platter (RM82) 
Ordered their famous signature but I kinda regret it because the portion was a little too big for two :( And I didn't have the chance to try other dishes liao :((

Ranjit's Pasta (RM33) 
Haha but still managed to squeeze this in our poor tummy and it was so good! I almost ordered another plate of this! Maybe because I loved spicy :p 

My juicy/honeyhouse babes had a LBD night out to celebrate my belated birthday as well. 
Love every single one of you to bits! 

Also managed to catch up with ze long lost besties and a few friend over my favourite uncle Jang.  Thats the best thing about birthdays, you have an excuse to see people you haven't met for such long time. 

Not forgetting my lovelies that brought me a cake when we were celebrating our mini getaway in PD. Full post HERE

My birthday present from him.

from Melisa.

From the girls, Sher, Jiashin, Tiff, Yimei and Wanyee. 

and how could I forget my birthday surprise at my door steps?
Thanks Tzia for putting everyone and everything together!

Thank you guys!
This cross pendant and necklace is something I've always wanted. I'm so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. 

Thank you Tziaaa, Jordan, Alvin Ng, Alvin Goh, James, Sally, Leonard, Johan, Bryan, Calvinkhoo, Calvin Chee, Tziae and Rex :))

and also this small gifts that you dropped at my door steps.

In a nutshell, thank you all for your thoughtful gifts and wishes. 
I had an amazing 22nd birthday but the most important things are not wishes or gifts, but its my mindset and knowledge as I grow.

I'm now 4 months away from being 23 years old.
I pray and I hope that by the time I hit 23, the things that I have are not just materials stuff but it is the growth in me that people can see. :)

Oh! Let's hope that I don't delay my 23rd birthday post hahaha!

Till then,

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