Sunday, August 18, 2013

Getaway to Avillion, Port Dickson

Such a wonderful Saturday night chilling on the couch listening to soft songs, reading His word and blogging this post.  #selfheal #blissful (hashtags are annoying but I still use them) 

Btw, I think I kinda have my blogging MOJO back so stay tuned for my upcoming post! :)  Oh, really thank you everyone for all the thoughtful comments regarding my previous weight-loss post, I still haven't achieve my ideal weight mark yet so please wish me more luck(or effort)!!!

b'cause the companion makes everything worth while :)

This is a picture without any filter or edits, just by looking at it now takes my breath away.

Earth is such a wonderful place God has created for us. 

Just by looking at the two pictures already makes me reminisce all the good times.  
Its been such a long while since I last went on a vacation, so me and my girls decided to just getaway for a while since everyone's back in town.  We didn't wanna go somewhere to far so Port Dickson it is.  Really have to thank Shermaine's boyfriend, PZ for sending us all the way from Subang.  

Decided on the Garden Chalet instead of the Water ones because its much nearer to the pool. Continue reading and you'll understand. 

Its actually pretty spacious from what we imagined so extra points for Avilion!!!

Settling down everything (look at Shermaine what is she doing?!)

I think the bath room is ze most awesome place ever. 
(I think we made a good use of this place - level maximum!!!!)

Look at the amount of junk we brought there..

Wine and fruits - perfect girly night out <3 p="">
Special thanks to Wanyee that brought us some shot glasses from home woohoo!

Mirror selfie before we left for some sun/sea/beach fun! 

#1 random snap of the water chalet


The wind was so strong but me love it so much ~

Love my girls even more! 
From left to right - Wanyee, Tiffany and Shermaine. 

Such a breath taking scenery;
I couldn't be more thankful for having such a break after ...
....  everything. 

The sound of the waves hitting the sand, 
the wind that blows your hair,
the scorching sun that kisses your skin;

and a good book - 
what more could I ask for? 

Perhaps we really need to run away from this busy city sometimes,
to take some time off alone and clear our minds. 

having such wonderful and understanding girls around you is such a privilege :)

Told ya we made good use of the toilet :p 
Sitting around the bath tub dipping our legs into the water while chatting with each other - I thought my night was complete. 












Jiashin drove all the way from KL to PD along with Tzia because she finished work at 5pm.
I kinda knew Jiashin and Tzia prepared a cake for me because she told Shermaine on the phone and Shermaine was on loudspeaker in the bathroom. HAHAHA.  

But I really appreciate their effort and time to surprise me because the trip wasnt made for me T__T but they made it sounds like ADELE's BIRTHDAY TRIP.  :') 

Made a wish and I had an advance birthday celebration in PD :)

I don't usually spam so many pictures in one same post but I guess this time is exceptional because it is my birthday, haha. 

Thank you girls :') 

especially the blur Tzia, but yet she made these happened. 

Missy Tiffany - that is always the smartest among all of us.

Ms Loo - the very straight forward yet have the kindest heart woman.

Shermaine - my all time sayang that is always there for me despise of everything.

and Wanyee wifey that is constantly showering me with your love and thoughtful actions.

I love each and everyone of you. 

Ok time for night swim! 
Both sexy chickas that made this photo hit the highest likes in my instagram history. 

What about some tequila shots and some good music before swim? :)
Not too bad for a newbie like us :)

The girls that enjoyed swimming at night,

while we just sit on the bench sipping our favorite red wine.. 

and thats how we end our night. 
(leaving the rest to ourselves)

So the next day, as usual I was the fastest to get ready because I don't put on any make up so....

"Must camwhore first - its the first thing to do before I leave the hotel room"

The view opposite our room

I don't mind waking up to this everyday :)

This is another view facing the water chalet which creates the "holiday feeling" even more because of the sea breeze...  #nofilter

Then it was BEACH TIME AGAIN! 

Me and Tzia just chilling.....

or just posing for the camera..... HAHAHAHAH!!

One of my favorite picture :)
But I remember quoting this picture with some sun sea description but the truth is we were mumbling and complaining so much that we ran back to the pool side right after we took this shot. 

or maybe after another shot with jiashin?
I don't remember. lol. 

This is the adult pool that is much cooling and quiet compared to the other one. 

but the pool side bed was so dirty :( 

Sexy JS with sexy butt :p

That pretty much sums up my short getaway with ze girlies. 
Now that Tiff is back in Melb, Sher is leaving to Birmingham this month, and Wan is also leaving to Nottingham in a week time - GAH IM SO SAD.  WILL MISS ALL OF YOU TRUCKLOADS..... 
Girls, thanks for accompanying me and gave me such an amazing getaway :)  Let's start saving and plan for our next getaway........

Till our europe trip next year, 


Tiffany said...

I lub u DelDel! miss u + the girls so much after reading this post T____T we need to have more of these girls' only trips!!

Anonymous said...

Wow..what a great trip..

Anonymous said...

F*n' boring bunch. Why even wear a shirt that says, "I love my boyfriend" when you're out with all girls at a beach in stilt chalets that's beside the sea? & what's with the book??! You came all the way for a beach vacation just so you get to read a book??? Why can't you do that at home? Unless of course, you don't have a home or your home is not a quiet place to have a good time to read your BOOK!!!

Adele Chow said...

tiff: yes tiffy! miss you already!! till our next trip xx

anonymous: thank you!!

anonymous: hmm whats the point of your comment? lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Adele,

Nice vacation :) Just wondering if they can 'tolerance' with extra people in 1 chalet? Am planning to go and there are 5 of us but maybe book only one chalet. It seems like you guys went in a big group from your photos, maybe you can help with your experience. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

By the way, happy birthday, since this was posted a year ago, so I assume it should be around the corner :)

Anonymous said...

hello, can I ask what the room do you choose? Im going with friends too but seem the room can't fit too many people ( we have 4-5 ppl) and im worrying the hotel is strict. actually im hope that i can book a small room and fit us (cheaper the best wahahahaha) , btw i like your blog :)

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