Saturday, December 21, 2013

WeChat x Remedy Christmas Party!

Well hello there :) 
Lovin' my santa head gear!

Woohoo! Its my favourite season of the year! 
Exactly 3 more days to Christmas!  Everywhere is just so hyped up with the christmas decoration, how can one not have a christmas party?!

Thanks to WeChat x RemedyKL, I attended my first Christmas party last week at RemedyPLUS, Scott Garden.  Christmas is a season of giving, and RemedyKL is being generous by offering all of us WeChat user a gift! (continue reading to find out more! hehe) 

Who doesn't love christmas gifts?!  :D 

Greeted by these love birds upon revival :) 
Gladys and Sung. 

Such a lovely christmas tree set up by RemedyPLUS right at the entrance!

We love taking pictures with pretty things :)
Me and my partner in crime, I guess she needs no introduction!

By looking at the decorations, Im sure this place is ready for christmas! 
I've always wanted to visit REMEDY at Scott Garden because it is owned by a friend's boyfriend, but unfortunately I always have no time :( 

SO GLAD I made it this time (:
They have awesome live band performances too! 

Darts machines are available as well. 
I guess people just love drinking and partying while competing, hahaha!

Settled down at a table with a bunch of bloggers.
Oh, free beers for us too (:

How can we not camwhore with our cute santa headgear? :P

Finally met Simon's girlfriend, Jesse after so long! :)

and Jackie, my long losttttttt "tauke". 

Jessica, with her awesome signature RED hair (:

Haha #failedshot #overexposure #TziaHasNoNose

They have darts for sale too! 

Spotted this good offer and just have to take a picture of it! :p

There are many pretty girls walking around to remind us to follow REMEDY official account on WeChat! 

Went out and look for Gladys for a picture, and Sung definitely took more than 735484032481 shots to get a perfect one for us. As Gladys said, it is not his calling la. Haha! 

more eye candy! 

Bumped into the long lost babe Shermaine, and Angel too! 

Its been so long since I last saw Bell and Jac! 

and Simon too!
So when should we have our second "drink" session? :p 

WeChat and Remedy is being generous by offering all WeChat user a Christmas Promotion! 
BUY 1st Pint of Guinness/Killkenny @ RM 18 and Get 2nd Pint ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Just scan the QR code below and follow The Remedy Official Account: TheRemedyKL on WeChat! 
Just that simple! :)

Remember to follow TheRemedyKL on WeChat!

Then head over The Remedy, or Remedy Plus at Scott Garden to redeem your second pint of drink for FREE!

See ya :)
Merry Christmas once again y'all 

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