Monday, July 15, 2013

22 years of my life.

A new season has begin, a season to focus on the greater purpose of my life.

No one is perfect, but God is Holy, so we have to do our best to learn the value of Christ.
Be forgiving, be kind, have a tender heart, control your temper.

It is 9.36pm on a Sunday night.  Here I am typing this.. well bcos Im gonna turn into 22 in less than 3 hours just thought of writing(typing) down my current thoughts.  Today has been a long day in church, first time being part of the team, even words couldn't express how blessed I am.  No doubt, I have to admit a part of me is missing, but we have to learn that there is a season for everything, all of us.  I will never forget this year's birthday, in a good way yet it brings in certain grey area that brings out the bitterness in me.  I have learned so much, looking back at my last year's birthday post makes me realized Im changing every single day, still changing.

I really don't care how people say about me anymore or how others labeled me.  You will come to a point where you realized what really matters what really don't.  To me, Life is about finding that one great purpose of yours and do your best just live life the fullest in the correct way according the your purpose in life.  Maybe some of you don't understand what I meant but slowly you will :)

This is a new journey for me - to pursue Christ in every way I can.
I am ready, more than ready.
Really, people always say Trust in the Lord with all your heart, He knows whats best for you.  Our Father never ignore prayers... Its either, a Yes, No, or I have something better for you.  I finally understand it myself and acknowledge the change in me, finally feeling that inner peace in me... thank you.. Jesus..

So I had my first surprise birthday last 2 days by my very special sister in Christ, tziaaa.  Honestly I've never expected a surprise for myself because I never had one but God always does things in such amazing way.  I am so happy, so blessed.  Also finally went to a short getaway after so long, with some of my closest girls.  Learning how to breath again, it seems so surreal.  If you were to ask me one more time, did I regret making any decisions so far?  My answer is still the same.  I've never regretted every single bit of my previous life/lifestyle.  It is all that little detail that molded me into who I am today, or should I say, it was all in His' hands and plans.  Thinking back on how messy/drama/havoc my life is since I was 13 y/o, sometimes it makes me laugh.  Truly, there is a season for everything.  Like what Steve Jobs said during that graduation day, you will eventually connect the dots one day.

I'm turning 22, still gonna say the same thing.  So, so, so grateful for everyone, everything that once appeared in my life.  Thank you, you, you, so many of YOU, especially you.  Can't wait to see what God has planned ahead for me :)  AMEN.

Happy birthday to myself, adele chow. 
07152013 // xx 


Leonard said...

Better Days Are Ahead Of you Adele. Keep Trusting The LORD.

Anonymous said...

So happy, and inspired to hear about you believing in God :') keep being so amazing & inspiring! LOVE.

Adele Chow said...

@leonard - thank you for your constant guiding :)

@anonymous - thank you! God bless you and thanks for making my day! :D