Tuesday, July 09, 2013

1020 days.

Such a beautiful cold morning to sleep in, but here I am, trying to turn my feelings and emotions into words because it is something I do not want to forget for the rest of my life.


我相信每样事情发生都有它的缘故,这次也不例外。 很多人对生命,对人生设下自己的定义,没有说谁对或错。最终,重要的是活出自己生命的价值。

Believe it or not, God has planned out and prepared a beautiful script for your life even when you are still in your mom's womb.  Trust me, everything happened accordingly and we always fall back into God's plan.  Each of everyone of us are unique in our own way we are created differently to play a part in this world.  

They always say, Success is a journey not a destination. 
It is the process that made us learn, made us grow, made us wiser. 
Remember when we were young, from crawling on the ground till learning how to walk with our legs, it is a process.  And there is always a purpose for a process,

you learn to walk not for the sake of walking it is because you need to walk this life on your own at the end of the day; 
you learn to speak because someday you need to speak out and stand up for yourself;
you learn to hold the fork and spoon to eat your meal because you know your parents can't feed you forever, you know someday your parents won't be there with you anymore. 

My point here is, there is a reason, for everything. 
You just need to find it. 

I remember viewing this video on YouTube, it is a speech given by Steve Jobs.  That one thing that really left a mark in my heart is the point where he said about Death.  "Death is something we all have to go through, no one can skip this process in life. " He said.  By telling yourself today is the last day of your life, embarrassment and fear will fall away eventually, leaving whats truly important to you. 

"By remembering that you're going to die, it makes you forgotten the thought that you have something to lose" 

I appreciate every single process in my life especially this one.  It is my life turning point.  Thank you for being the biggest impact in my process of life.  Just like what Pastor Mike reminded us during last week's sermon, we have to find peace in our heart.  Let it go, let it all go.  The only solution is to Forgive, and have a tender heart.  Do not let the Holy Spirit grieve away from you.  

Romans 16: 20 says,
"The God of peace will soon crust Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you."

Have faith, God is there to help you.  
Do not let the anger and pride take over your soul.


If I were to ask myself what is that one thing I would do if I only have 2 more months to live? I will choose to fulfill my purpose in life.  

What purpose? Who's purpose?  That you have to figure out yourself. 

I've found mine. 

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