Monday, July 22, 2013

Carlsberg Wheres the Party?

Hey loves finally back to this space again. I have so many things to blog about but let's start from the overdue party last month.  Its been too long since I last party what more a RAVE PARTY.  You kidding me?!! 

This was the last rave party I went with Shermaine and Jia Shin at Bukit Tinggi.
I dont even remember who was spinning lol.  It was 2009, 4 years ago. 

wow... how time flies. 

So this round it was Carlsberg's Wheres The Party.  I think it is kinda cool having a rave party without letting the audience know where's the location. Suspense kills the cat haha!  Much thanks to Leonard and iDarts for the tickets.  It was so last minute hahaha but thankfully I went cos I had so much fun, it felt so different...  (Not forgetting the amount of familiar faces I bumped into)  

It was an indoor party. WOW. 
Bet you didn't see that coming huh. 

Went with my best companion that needs no introduction. 

iDarts booth was so packed! :/
Thumbs up for them but sad case for us cos we didn't get the chance to play some darts. 
 Impatience is NOT a virtue. :p

First group picture taken using Leonard's iPhone.

Before the sky turns dark....
(do the Leonard pose!)

Too much awesomeness in one photo!
Small potato with all the famous people :)

Picture taken by iDarts' photographer.
Loving the colorful lights so fancy it makes me feel like Im in outer-space (?!)

I look like a monk behind these pretty girls..... 
Sad case for me. 

Oh I remember this picture!
We were dancing and suddenly the photographer just snap. 
"Just put that shades on and you'll look good in pictures" hahahahahahh

toilet break with me love. 

and the party.....







It was good meeting new friends, bumping into some long time no see ones,
it makes you feel young all over again (:

#newfriend Ke Xin - she's one crazy wild party animal 

#longlostfriend - Daphne!! 

#fehmes Nana :) 

I guess we both really need a night out like this once in a while?

Last but not least, part of E46X:
one word to describe this picture : AWESOME. 

once again, thanks Leonard for the invites!

(sorry for all my "red filter" photos :p  it was my phone cover's fault! teehee.)

till next time, 

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