Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Avene Beauty Workshop x Vanity Trove

I have too many things to blog about. Thoughts, events, birthday parties, church values, etc etc. 
Guess I will just take my own sweet time to complete every post,
because too many drastic changes in all of a sudden really suffocates me. 

Happy girl is happy when she received FREE BEAUTY STUFFS!!! 
Attended a workshop with Chacha previously (it was so last minute -_-) but thankfully I went with her! It was sooooo much fun :) 

Brought home a whole lot of goodies thanks to Avene x Vanity Trove.

Fred not, you can also subscribe HERE :)

Back to the event itself, 

Our workshop table. 
Oh if you were wondering, we were all located inside this beautiful cafe named Cafe Barbera, Bangsar

Eau Thermale Avene Beauty Workshop brought to you by VANITY TROVE

It is all about the Avene Thermal Spring Water. 
(I prefer calling it the Magic Water!!) 

haha a much clearer version for your viewing pleasure. 
Before I continue, please allowed me to express my gratitude towards this bottle of Magic Water. 

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray enables us to reap the full benefits of the water soothing, anti-irritant properties on a daily basis.  Which also mean you can spray anytime anywhere as long as you like it.  I dont really put on make up but this bottle of Magic Water is something that I bring along with me everywhere I go. (especially in this crazy humid weather)  Becos its essential for combating irritation such as rashes, sunburn or itchiness!!!!! Now you know why I said it is my MAGIC WATER. 

No camera that day because I didn't know about it -__-
Sorry for the blur quality photos. This is my partner in crime, my VVVVIP!

They started off by explaining the history of Avene Thermal Spring Water, followed by the difference of each and everyone's skin combination and lastly, introducing the Avene beauty products. 

All of them was helpful enough to explain to us how to use the products and also which suits our skin condition best. Yes that was me looking blur and lost because I am not pretty and I do not have a lot of beauty/skin related knowledge. LOL

I think I was applying the toner/moisturizer and couldn't resist to selca.

I used to think 30 bucks for a bottle of (Avene)water is too costly. (cos it is just water, WATER!!)
Not until I tried it out myself!!!! 

ooooooohhhhhhh did I mention how much I love the mask?
IT IS ACTUALLY JUST PAPER MASK. (refer to the picture above)
We just have to spray the magic water(Avene Thermal Spring Water) until the mask is soaked and DA-DANG! You can enjoy the coolest mask ever. 

No, really.

Thank you Vanity Trove for having us in such wonderful event. 
So much love!

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