Thursday, September 23, 2010

My bad experience, but made me realized...

Its been 3 days since I last updated, I'm really busy with stuffs lately as college events are really hectic, I don't have much time spend at home, in-front of the computer especially but don't worry! I've schedule a few post so do come back for more okay!

So it seems like some of the readers that commented want to know about my horrific car experience so yeah, I'm gonna tell you now.

Read it ALL if you started reading, vice versa.
Thank you. :)

This is my damaged car.
Basically, the car can still start and move around, lights are working well too.
The bonnet and bummer are serious bummer! T__T

This incident happened on last Friday, when I was on my way to HA event with Shermaine and Jiashin. I've always remembered when it comes to events like this, there won't be any parking space left for us, what more when we're already 2 hours late? O.O So I decided to ask my friend to drive my car instead.

When we were on our way, you know that road where you are heading to Sunway Pyramid parking slot? The car in front of us suddenly emergency break! Then done lah, kiss good bye....

It was really a bad, bad, and bad experience. I was expecting my dad to "gao dim" me already but I was so glad he didn't scold me terribly, but comforting me - asking whether am I alright or hurt and stuffs like that. I was flattered, really.

I have a confession to make:
I've always have a very strong fear towards my dad because in my eyes, he is a perfectionist. He does things very well and organized, he made his way through all along these years. Unfortunately, People like me - clumsy, forgetful and always do the wrong thing at the wrong time do disappoint him a lot, I know. ):

I wanna take this opportunity to tell my dad, Thanks daddy! I know you've always tried to educate us, care for us and of course, LOVE US. Just so you know, Abel and I do care for you, and LOVE YOU TOO!

Thank you Daddy for giving me a car to drive, yet me? Being such a useless daughter, which have only brought you more and more troubles. Sigh.. I promise, I will improvise myself, to prove to everyone, I can do it! :3

Thank you my readers for spending your time just to read this.
You know I love you, too.

(GG season 4 is back!! *screams*)


Joshie said...

once a noob forever a noob

Biopolymath said...

You are his child, and you'll be his heir. Never will you become a servant.

Adele Chow said...

Joshie> -____- thanks.

Biopolymath> Thank you :)