Saturday, September 18, 2010

I hate Goodbye's T_T

This is a very close friend of mine, Aaron.
He left to France two days ago already T____T
I hate departures... Especially when you depart the ones that you love hanging out with.

It was suppose to be a farewell dinner with the bunch - Kenny, Kok Hoe, Yi Wei and all. But all of them ended up with something else to do, they wanted to delay to a midnight supper kinda thing but I have curfew so yeah... I decided to still dine in with the lovely bestie! :)

My very loyal handsome friend.

Went to somewhere nearby Taipan - Lascarretas for some Italian dines.
Just so you know, Aaron is a culinary art student AHHAHA.

I love the ambiance! Especially the deem lighting, so comfortable :)

Different collections on the wall.

Frameworks hanging by the wall by the stairs

Liquor bottles that is placed the other way round - so creative!!

I loved the decorations, next time my house must have a mini bar too! LOL

Of course Aaron & I didn't wanna dine in just the both of us, so I dragged my two lovelies along!
A group shot :)

Started off with Aaron's Margarita

Shermaine's "insert-name" cocktail

& my lovely Fruit punch :)
I rarely drink alcohol already, because I don't like it anymore LOL.
Its a good thing!!

Fresh mushroom soup as starter

I forget whats the name of this dish already!! Some combo steak thingy if I'm not mistaken.
Both Shermaine and I had the same dish, lol.

Look at her, sucha alcohol freak! :p

Its always the three of us :)

Shall end this post with the picture of us four.
I don't think Aaron is reading this but yeah, still wanna shout out:

Hope you enjoyed the farewell dinner! See you again when you're back!

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